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Can i never smoke/enjoy weed again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BenLeve, Jan 30, 2014.

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    K guys, ill cut the story short
    3 years ago i started smoking weed, was amazing
    one time i got a laced bag (yes it was laced, hospital confirmed) with some synthetic shit that caused my first ever panic attack + a  scary throbbing pain inside me
    after that, i still smoked after taking a break and it was all good
    fast forward 2 years of amazing weed
    but last year, taking huge bong hits would cause panic attacks that would feel faintly similar to the laced bag panic attack, it kept happening now my doctor said ive got panic disorder.

    I took 2 months break then tried another hit and i could just not bring myself to take a fat bowl because no matter how cool i was about it, theres always that "left arm" buzz now thats the start of a panic attack. I usually take little buzz hits but can never get stoned cause of the panic trigger
    so am i fucked? can i never smoke weed again and enjoy it like i did the first time? or the past two years?
    It just bums me out cause now i cant even get drunk without worrying about nothing. I remember the feeling weed would give me and it sucks now i cant do it anymore cause of the panic
    Is this mental panic disorder ruined my weed experience for life?
  2. Have you experimented with other methods of using? Like a vaporizer, or other pot products?
    yes ive tried vape, bongs, rolling
    whats annoying is,, my very first time was using a massive joint some rastafarian dude made for me, it was like 0.5g and i got RIPPED
    now i cant even take 0.1g without feeling panicky
  4. I'm going through the exact same thing as you right now. I smoked non stop for a few years and never once had a bad experience until one day I started getting anxiety attacks. Took a couple years off now I'm trying to get back into it but I'm basically scared to get real high bcuz I worry I'll lose control and my heart will start racing like crazy. I load the tiniest Bowl like 0.5-.1 and it gets me high as fuck but everytime I can't stop thinking about my heart beating faster. I want to get over this more than anything else in life right now. Weed used to be my favorite thing in the world.
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    I know y'all don't wana hear this but I bet much of your panic issues are all in your head. Pot naturally makes people a bit paranoid though in my experience, and I believe if you have the right set and setting you can get over these issues. I never smoke anywhere but my own home or friends' apartments these days, and as long as I'm not trying to feebly order some fast food, I can avoid any panic/worry personally. Just avoid public highs?
    Edit: I've also been smoking about 3 years non-stop such as yourself. Another thing to consider is that weed's therapeutic effects are primarily found in people who use more frequently and have a build up of thc.
    i only get high at home at night time when im on my own and it gets quite cold so the shivers start
    but i used to go out and smoke loads with ease but now i dont evendare
  7. ^Turn on the heater?  :confused_2:
    lol i just put a jacket on
    but the setting is ok, i cant think of anything that triggers the panic?
  9. You know, what's helped me a lot is watching videos of people having panic attacks. They look so fucking dumb freaking out when there's literally nothing happening. Then whenever you start to feel anxious when you're high think so I really want to be that person? No.
  10. I remember back when I was a big stoner I would get people high and they'd have panic attacks and I just say there confused as fuck sort of laughing inside bcuz they looking such a pussy. I never imagined I'd be that guy. The pussy who couldn't handle a little weed. Don't be that person. Make yourself change. If you start feeling anxious when you're high simply say I DONT GIVE A FUCK and remind yourself nothing is wrong, that you're just really high. I just smoked first Bowl of the day and drove to the car wash and u started feeling anxious like wanting to monitor my pulse but I did this and felt better.
    Binaural Beats ... and Eden beats on Android. Use good stereo headphones and train your brain. Kid you not that shit works. I can put them in and fall to sleep in twenty minutes or tune the frequency and read a book, or workout, meditate. You can actually drop your breathing and heartbeat so low it's almost scary. And when I am high I find my brain is more responsive to the effects. You might even be able to induce one of those anxiety attacks. SO READ up on the different frequencies and see if you can't train your brain to operate at a lower delta frequency when you are high.
     The Schumann resonance is the actual resonance frequency of the earth. In the past few years it has changed and increased to a much higher frequency....Lots of crazy theories about what effects it has on people and shit...Not going to go into it here because it would be a book. Get some on your phone, or listen to them on your computer...GOOD stereo, true stereo headphones are a must. Reset your brain to work without using those higher frequencies. And I'll bet you'll be able to disassociate your high with that other bad trip, and learn to enjoy the weedstuff again.
  12. Some strains can really enhance this effect; you really need to be careful about knowing what you smoke, and being aware of the effect on your body. I know veteran stoners who will not smoke certain strains for this very reason.
    Last week I took a dab from a friend of some mahatma concentrate, not a big one either, and it set my heart racing like mad... definitely not my usual reaction, and I think it was from that particular strain.
    The bio feedback / headphone idea sounds like a good one to calm you if you're verging on a panic attack...
  13. this is exactly how i feel... i suffered form an anxiety attack two days ago.. Im going to take a t break and hopefully all is good after that 
  14. Anyone else ever check their pulse a lot? I've been obsessing over that shit for a couple years now and although I'm better about it I still probably check it... 10x a day using this smartphone app.. Especially when I'm high I notice I start checking it and if it's in the 90s I start trying to bring it lower and if I'm high and it's in the triple digits I start to freak. Pathetic as fuck I know. God damn anxiety disorders.
  15. I've went threw the same thing and actually quit smoking for a year. I believe it had to do with a certain medicine I was taking but anyway. I had a friend urge me to eat some dank brownies. I was so high never thought I'd get that feeling again. I tried smoking but it just didn't feel the same. I ended up getting off my medication and after a few days I took a couple of bong rips and it was back to fillin good
  16. Try a different method of smoking that you dont normally do, smoke with some friend aswell, and just tell yourself that "this smoking method wont induce a panic attack" over and over again
  17. interesting method for sure

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  18. Try smoking some mids man
  19. That's getting high.

    And Op I'm sure you are just making things worse. I'm pretty sure, cause I've seen it in my years of travel, that you just like EVERYBODY I've seen panic on weed are weak minded and are frightful beings.
    What I mean with that is that you are overreacting to being high, realize that there's nothing to it and you are being stupid wasting your high worrying about shit.

    You probably just don't like it if you say you don't enjoy it so stop. Maybe someday in the future you'll feel the love of mjane again.
  20. @[member="scrxm"] I LOVE that milky avi :yummy:

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