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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zandr87, May 14, 2011.

  1. hey just a quick one.. wondering if i can mix grow media with a different brand of nutes? i want to use plagron grow mix but canna terra veg and bloom.. any reason why i shouldn't do this? cheers
  2. cant see why not...just start slow..about 25% dose and work your way up...keep close eye on runoff ph...good luck:wave:
  3. cool nice cheers.. thats was the same reply i got from someone else so will go easy on nutes :D
  4. always start nutes at 25%..two reasons....nutes people wanna sell double the dosage and sell twice as much:rolleyes:..and strains differ in nute requirements...less is can always add more but tough to take it out...canna is good gear....i slowly work my way up till in mid flower i see a touch..maybe 16th of an inch..sorry:D...of burn on leaf tips..and then back off a tadd to establish the max nutes for that plant...kinda edgy method but works great for me..also suggest blackstrap unsulfered molassas at 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon...plumps buds...feeds microbes in soil...mellows smoke:smoke:
  5. sound.. yeh im with you on the greedyness of people.. especially here in uk :| lol where can you suggest i get blackstrap unsulfered molasses? done a google search but it just brought up health food shops that sell it.. surely that aint it...? lol :smoking:
  6. thats it...gourmet stores..feed stores...doesn't have to be blackstrap...just unsulfered...about every other feeding in flower..and during final flush..but go easy as it is just sugar and will attract what sugar does if you used too much..ants and aphids..and if you smell fermentation..cut back:D
  7. ok hmm maybe i better leaving it out.. i have no experience this is my first grow with a strain which no one knows much about... kalshnikova Kalashnikova Grow Video 2011 HD - thers a video if you wana check a grow of it by the dutch :D:D

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