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Can I Make Trippy Edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by meltynet, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. I was wondering, I have 5 grams of weed and I was wondering of a way to make it into an edible that gets me really f*cked up, anyone got suggestions? or is it not worth it with that much?

  2. I would recommend looking into FireCrackers.. I made my X a firecracker with 1gram of bud and natural peanutbutter. mixed in some nutella after I baked it just for taste..... and let me tell you..... this chick thought she WAS IRONMAN!
         I kid you not we were watching iron man and I heard her say. I Don't remember doing that!? I was like what? then she started laughing so hard saying she thought she was remembering the time she put on a suit and became iron man but couldn't remember doing any of it LOL
  3. you could always cook a gram or 2 in some butter and put in on toast or even better some oatmeal. iv got a few people ripped so hard doing that lol
    My tolerance is high, how potent of butter could I make with 5 grams?
  5. I don't care how "high" you think ur tolerance is.. if you don't have experience with edibles don't push it...... starting with 1 gram dose IS A BIG DOSE.  when I was doing edibles everyday 1 gram was a nighttime dose, 1/2 was day time but still ripped.
    it affects the body differently than smoking it does. its a full body high and it can be very  trippy at times.  I recommend you look into edibles because they are no joke dude...  nothing like eating to much brownies and greening out for 12 hours straight....
    Yea its my first time, Im not getting much out of smoking so i want to try edibles, I smoke regularly everyday, whats a good dose for me you think?
  7. depends on a lot of factors like your tolerance and bud and quality of your cooking process. id say make one batch of cannabutter with all the bud and then start with a lowish amount to figure out how much you really want to take
    Well I cant really do cannabutter seeming it sinks badly...
    you arent really going to make edibles without cooking. if thats a problem you probably wana make it at a friends anyway
  11. just a joke but we have the same profile pic :bongin:
  12. You can make a firecracker pretty easily. oily peanut butter, gram crackers and a little time in the oven. but he is right you wont be able to make any type of edibles with out using some sort of heat.
  13. You'll green out on a 5 gram edible. I myself also have a very high tolerance. Start with 1 gram At first. Edibles are very potent
  14. Canna butter is used in all edible methods. So if you cant make cana butter you cant make edibles. Oh before some jack ass brings up firecrackers. Nutella and peanut butter have high fat content your making a crude canna butter. It all in technique. Ask a older tymer how they make cana butter or their edibles in general. A lot of canna butter recipes you see are plenty potent, but not the same as when done right. Some older people say herb a hallucinogen, they are correct. It considered a hallucinogen if you get trails off lights, objects appear to have melting effect etc. Not seeing pink elephants with purple stripes

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    Was trying to edit. That went horribly wrong. Anyways to be more specific. Ask a true hippie, from the 60 early 70s. Not just some random elderly person

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  17. ????Who the hell told u that u need cannabutter to make edibles????

    Grind that weed up as finley as u possibly can
    Make some brownie/ cake batter
    Pour the batter into cupcake pans
    Mix about a gram of ground bud into each cupcake
    Place in oven
    Eat when finished

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  19. How the hell did my reply get put on his comment?

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