Can I just stop watering and let buds cure on plant?

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  1. Arrrgh I got my dates wrong and started an indoor grow 6 weeks ago. We are about 2 weeks into flowering 12/12 with led full spectrum. In 3 weeks I leave for vacation for 2 weeks and a house sitter is coming to take care of my dogs. She’s a person I work with and pretty straight laced so I don’t want to ask her to babysit my grow, and I can’t have a friend just stop by every few days and go into that mysterious locked room for a few minutes without her getting suspicious. So do I:
    - over water the day I leave, keep them on 12/12 and let them start to die and dry on plant?
    - harvest and hang right before I go?
    - move them outside to the garden and hope no one notices?
    The plant are about 3 feet tall and mainstem colas only 2 inches so far, just babies! I feel like an idiot. I used my last seeds and got 4 plants and of course they’re all female so I can’t even just save seed and start over when I get back. Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it!
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  2. Harvest and hang now I guess, but you’re really gonna have to cure it well not to choke on it. Idk how early for your strain but some actually finish in like 45 days.
    Good luck
  3. Curing is the act of slowing down the drying process in a sealed container so what you would be doing is drying, not curing.
  4. Yes killset, if I hung it to dry for the 2 weeks I was away, like mollyjamila suggested, then I would have to take extra care to cure it very well when I returned, given the less than ideal harvesting and drying conditions. Thank you Molly! Your title- director of Quality - that wouldn’t be a motorcycle maintenance reference would it?
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  5. must chop plant to begin. otherwise it will continue growing until it dies

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  6. That’s what I don’t understand! If you chop it, it dies and starts to dry out. If I water it real good and leave it, it will get another week or so of growth, then the water will be all used up and the plant will die - a little more slowly to be sure - and it will start to dry out. If it’s going to die and dry out either way, why do you have to cut it? I’m not questioning you or anyone else’s advice, I’m sure you’re right, I just don’t understand why one way is so different. Like, I grow a lot of flowers. Some have flowers that are beautiful dried, like lavender. If I cut the flowers and hang them to dry, I have pretty dried lavender. If I don’t cut the flowers, at the end of the season, I still have dried lavender, just still attached to the plant. This is driving me nuts!
  7. if you did water ovrr water the plant like you said in post then went away the humidity would go up in where you grow and could cause bud rot etc ,,not recommended imo ,,mac..
  8. Oooh motorcycle reference? Please explain further, I love them but can’t ride anymore.

    The Director of Quality is just a play on one of my former positions in the pharmaceutical world vs my marijuana position. I’d much rather check the quality of weed rather than the quality of the chemicals I once had to push.

    I had to chop and dry early once due to a medical emergency. I chopped and dried as much as possible and then I trimmed it really well and jarred. I just took the chance and loaded the trunk of my car with weed that was all jarred up lol I spread the weed out in the hotel room every night and back in the jars in the morning. It was smokable and got you high. Taste like shit and was harsh. It was Master Kush so she came through it ok, not great, but ok.
    Good luck
  9. Marijuana plants are on a timeline in flower, if they are left out too long they think they’ll never be harvest and the females will self reproduce, focusing their effort on seeds/pollen instead of buds.

    Depends how far along they are i suppose

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  10. I think in two weeks of drying, when you return, there won't be any moisture left in the flowers.
  11. Harvest and freeze; you can process resin from this or begin drying when you get back.
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  13. If you harvest too early, you'll get a plant that is CBGA.

    CBGA will eventually turn in to the different compounds like THCA, CBCA or CBDA etc... If you wait to harvest too late to harvest, the THCA will convert to CBN which is nice if you just had an operation and you need to rest but it's very narcotic. Most people don't want this as they are trying to find something that is uplifting and motivating.


    Source: Cannabigerol CBG: The main precursor to all cannabinoids - Alchimia blog
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