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Can I have a Last Dance with Mary Jane?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WhateverStokesYourToke, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. My school recently busted me for selling and using marijuana. Because I wasn't a large scale distributor and only "helped out a couple buddies" they are letting me stay, but only on the condition that I stay clean for the rest of my career there. I can't risk getting kicked out. When I got busted last monday I was given a baseline drug screening, with a hair and urine test that was shipped out to a lab somewhere. The tests are very accurate and give a precise account of how much broken down THC Is in my system. I will have random drug tests for the rest of my time at school. Up until Monday I smoked a small amount of weed pretty regularly. I am tall, have low body fat, weigh about 150, and am muscly. I am guessing that my previous use will stay in my system for a long time.  I want to experienced marijuana one last time this weekend I have two blunts and some small edibles prepared for me and a friend. I haven't smoked all week, and I am wondering what the chance is If I smoke this weekend that the school could tell that I have smoked since I was busted. Thank you!

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    if you know they are using hair to test and you then are stupid enough to try to smoke pot...then you deserve to be kicked out of school....
  3. no unless they test you again they will have no way of knowing unless its like a private school where your paid attention to more closely with a higher teacher to student ratio.
    You might already be fucked so fuck it smoke it up man.. I would just drop outta HS and take community college entrance exams. thats ridiculous that they wont allow you an education for using whats legal in over 16 states i think now?
    you can take a remedial courses at community college its what i did.. and i get paid 5gs a semester cause my familys broke to do the same thing i did in HS lol.. its funny and funding my operation, thanks federal government!
  4. It isnt worth it unless you want to goto a new school.
  5. Did the school have you charged with a felony?
  6. Weed or education? Don't be stupid man. I would smoke before Monday considering it's already in my system, but none after that.Sent from my iPad Air
  7. Is there another school nearby that you can go to? 
  8. Playing Russian roulette buddy
  9. i'd change schools man... that's pretty lame. Although I went through a school that drug tested ALL their students too, but at that time I wasn't blazin'.
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    Wtf?? That broke my heart a little in a odd way.
  11. Unless its a very prestigious school and thers no other school of its calibre, then I'd suggest u take a sabbatical from smoking weed. But if u really don't have much to lose by switching to another school then make that transfer buddy. But just remember, weed will still be growing centuries from now, so just prioritize wisely.

    With that being said I close my post with my last favorite words...

    "Everything is better when u are high"
  12. What freaking school does DNA weed testing?   I got caught dealing when I was in university and I got a warning, lol. 
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    For the record, I'd never attend a school that drug tested, that's some serious infringement on privacy and basic human liberties right there.     Not sure where you live, but in my country that is nowhere near legal.   As long as you get your grades, what you do on your own time is none of their fucking are paying THEM to be there, not the other way around. 
    bad info
    and 20 states.
    don't go telling people shit like this, gives stoners a bad name. 
    i know it may have worked for you, but that's not gonna work for everyone
  15. You might already be fucked so fuck it smoke it up man.. [​IMG]
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    So if it worked for me hows it bad advice? its better cause High schools are essentially a waste of time if you have any friends. So if you do what I did and learn as many trades as you can that will assist you in a growing career (Electrician, plumbing, HVAC etc) learn good work ethic and learn to save/budget money when your on your own. You will be way better off. Last semester I took English comp, easy algebra class and a communications class to brush up on basic skills(whatever i tested out of and in to) and I feel like I learned more from those 3 classes than I ever would have in all four years of HS.
    Saved a lot of time i woulda spent goofing off in HS classes. (Since I was expelled in 04 when I was 14, 2 months into 9th grade) I saved those 4 years and apprenticed for my father (chief electrical engineer), my uncle (HVAC engineer) and some minor plumbing and basic remodeling skills.
    Most people who attend regular HS end up re-learning in remedial courses in junior colleges anyways. I moved here with a backpack full of clothes and a job.
    I did my first grow and it allowed me to purchase my first House Cash with 4 years taxes paid up front. I have a 2 car garage, a full basement and 3 bedrooms. I go to college full time and work part time. This advice worked great for me, i moved 900 miles across the country to be in a medicinal marijuana state. Essentially so I could live free. And I do, multi tent perpetual, ability to grow 72 plants legally, and a dispensary less than a mile from my house.
    I got into college from the entrance exam and tested out of most remedial courses and was taking 2100 classes rather than 1500s my first semester.
    I get a federal grant of 5400$/year and school loans over 6000$ per year. (Could be paying for school cash up front, but id rather pay off the loans in payments after im out of school to boost my credit)
    Only reason i can make so much money and still get a full ride to school is in michigan Growers supply dispensaries, and the dispensaries pay sales tax. The caretakers "Donation" for his medicine is considered compensation for all the grow related costs and is a NON TAXABLE INCOME. So I do not have to claim it as income or assets on my FAFSA. I did extensive reading on this before doing it obviously.
    So I dont see how I make you all look sooo bad, I bet im the only 24 year old home owner here.. Im such a scum bag lol.
  17. You'll always want to get high "just one last time"
  18. one week is a small time frame, the tests are precious but not that fucking precise , if they ask you just deny it and give the "you crazy man i got busted why would i smoke again, test me again !" line . but hey i could be wrong but thats what i would do, 1.5 inches of hair goes back 3 months,  but luckily for you theres A LOT of ways to clean THC out of your hair :D ! so look up hair cleansing theres tons of methods that work, you could still smoke and not get caught ;) , always strive and prosper 
  19. what country is that? Not america thats for sure. The students arent the taxpayers. The parents of the students are and it would be assumed by all student faculty that parents do not want their children using mairjuana. Its all about money and its explained best in the movie "The Union" about hey lets test people with dangerous jobs, then hey lets test athletes. Then it turns into lets test kids who wanna do sports to make sure its fair. Then its lets test all students! Testing for drugs isnt free, but the funding for its there. Because there is a sales tax on each test unit. Whether its a mouth swab, hair sample, blood test whatever. The department of education and the state treasuries know, that this is something that has to get done now with drugs today. how can they make a buck on it? The state and federal government know for every drug test sampling kit they approve funding for, they will get "X" amount of dollars back in sales tax on the actual testing units from the labs selling them. Then for the schools who dont pay for the expensive privatized labs, they go with "State or Federal funded ones" State ones pay a federal sales tax, and federal ones pay no tax (hmm seem strange they are the only ones who dont pay tax but can operate like a business?) No its not strange its called a "Non profit organization" Government departments LOVE THAT TERM. 
    Anyways this has nothing to do with freedom its about making a buck off mandatory systems they call education. 
  20. Just one more reason I would never want to live in the USA.   I can't believe you people put up with that kind of shit. 

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