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  1. So I live in Kentucky and it's dropping temperatures. I want to plant outdoors with my friend but he's saying that it'll be too cold to grow. So, would I be fine with planting something such as Super Silver Haze or an Ak47 plant? By the time it's flowering, it'll be getting down to temperatures like 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. IMHO, It is too late in the season unless you are using a green house/Hoop House, temperature control, with supplemental lighting. Kentucky is already at 13hrs 58min of daylight.
  3. What about growing something like Northern Lights?
  4. Im down south of you....if you buy some autos right now . You will have to mid oct...full sun! Photoperiod plants not in full sun are budding you have about 3 months from today...

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  5. No 80 day shit, just 57 day stuff....i would reccomend black DOG....mostly indica, medium height, and as soom as a little cold hits it, bam purple and barney

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