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Can I grow in this small space?....(PICS)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Lysander, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. I am a seasoned toker but have never grown before. I was recently laid off and have ended up with alot of free time.

    I have seen online people grow in places as small as PCs so I thought this space might work. I plan on only using the right side,but if i need to make some modifications I will, to be able to use both as one.

    HxWxD: of each cabinet 24.75"x19"x14.75"

    Small, I know, So what do you think is possible in there?:confused:


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  2. You can grow it a space that small, but you will have to pay close attention to your temp. and humidity. Because those to variables can change drastically in a short time, in a space that small. Ventilation is going to be key in your grow. But you can pull it off. You could even use one side for vegetative growing and the other for flowering.
  3. Do you think I could get two plants in one side? or would that be pushing it? I have know idea what i am doing I have read up on this but am still a little apprehensive about it all.

    Any suggestions on strains for a space like that? def indica I would asume.

    BTW its on the third floor so it may get cool up there will insulation be enough for when the lights go out?
  4. if you run your lights when it's dark outside and the coldest, it should keep it warm enough in there. You could always use a small space heater if needed. In veg you can run the lights 24/0 so you wouldn't need to worry about it. Flowering might be a problem.Hence the heater.

    I would only grow one plant in there. A nice autoflowering strain would be perfect. Run the lights at 18/6 the entire grow.
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    I grew in a space like this, use both sides, you'll need the room. I started out with 10 plants in 20 oz soda bottles. one week of 24hr light then 12/12 from then on and got 4 females. Make sure your ventilation exhausts near the lights because depending on which lights you use, it gets hot in there. I transplanted out of the bottles and into bigger pots. that part sucked because the pots took up more height. I ended up getting around 3.5 oz.

    not sure if you're trying to be stealth or not but make sure you filter the air well. it will get stinky
  6. Yea its gotta be stealth unfortunately cuz the father in law is here from time to time, and he aint gonna like that shit.
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    this! and get some auto-flowers and or lowryders in there, they would be perfect for that size space :smoke:

    if you don't know lowryders grow at max about 18 inches tall

    also i see ventilation being your biggest problem and i doubt you can take a hole saw to the back of that cabinet. But if you can then drill some holes and put a fan or two in there. Buy some mylar/reflectivex and a 4 pack of CFLs and you will be in business (with a few minor things missing)

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