Can I Get Some Feedback On My Seedlings?

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    Hey so Im sooooo new to this and I do not know if my babies are growing properly or not.  I used really really crap soil, I know I know, and I am use a cheap 500w light that you can buy at home depot for cheap.  These pictures are from today and they sprouted 5 days ago.  Any and all criticism and help is appreciated.   :hippie:
    OH and if anyone knows what the hell that lil sprout is in the pictures please let me know.  I do not have a clue what they could be but they are just popping up.


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  2. They look fine. Careful on the watering, do like once a week til they get more developed.
    The sprouts your seeing, are from the shit soil you used. Its just weeds from the soil mix. They wont hurt anything.
  3. Preciate the response, this is new to me so I get worried.  So water them once a week? The light im using is cheap, 500w and it generates a lot of heat.  I have it about 18-20" above and I get worried that they will dry up if I do not water them.
  4. what kind of light is it? 500w isnt a low powered light. If the soil it wet, cover them with a baggie/clear plastic wrap and leave em be til they break soil. The plastic keeps all the moisture in they need. No leaves = no need for light. 
  5. I just read up on it.  Its halogen so I have to find something else to use.
  6. No wonder its soo hot!! If your on a budget, look for some T8 Florescent lights. HD/Lowes carrys them. I got them with 6500k bulbs for about $40 Or you could just use cfls. There is guides on the indoor section i believe on cfls and interior lighting.
  7. I`d go with T5`s over T8`s. There a little more expensive then T8`s but a lot better for growing and a big difference in lumen output.
  8. Indeed t5's are better, but local stores atleast in my area do not carry them ;) t8's were my only option besides CFL. Tried both in my propagator room, and plants always pulled to t8 over the 3 cfls. I only germ inside though, not ment for full growing 
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    so what should i use for full growing? the lights you get at home depot not good enough?  I took a look at my babies today and they are started to look bad, is this from being too hot?

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  10. What are you growing in?? A box, closet, tent, open space?? The halogen IS too hot. Dont know your budget, but if its low, then go with cfls or the t-8/t-5. If you go with the t's maybe a cfl or two for side/lower lighting. Cfls or t's can be used for full grow. Just remember, 6500k daylight fir veg, 2700k warm light for flower. Of course, a mix of spectrum is good also. If yoy di mix, just even out the ratio. I.E., more blue in veg, more red in flower.

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