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can i get some advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokin365, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. can you get insomnia from smokin?

    i know it helps me sleep and i dont think i have full on insomnia though....

    my mom knows i smoke almost daily....

    i do have add never did anything for it, handled it fine... now though i use marijuana to help... im not dependent on it and she says that, that means i dont have a habit and and she wont intervine unless it becomes a problem... she would like to see me smoke less. and try stattera?

    my friend and i smoke alot, we do with other people too but its always me and him together he is in basketball and im not... i have no reason to quit, i try to keep my facts straight and defend alot of negatives people say about it... he wants to quit (so he just said when he called me high) for the remainer of the season.. we go through this phase alot that we should quit so we can hang more with our friends that dont smoke...

    i have recently said fuck it... if you like me your my friend either way...

    thoughts? similar shit?
  2. I'm still new but it actually helps me sleep too. I've NEVER heard of insomnia from smoking (most of my friends have been smoking for like ever) I wouldn't say it's impossible though, anything can happen.

    I used to be highly against smoking, however I said fuck it and recently started. I don't really plan to turn back now, haha. I was a big non smoker but didn't ditch my buddies because they smoked and I didn't, we had an understanding and that was fine.

    As my lover says "in the end you only end up having 1 or 2 good friends anyway". Troof.
  3. keep smoking that weed
  4. sounds good mann.... no intentionm to stop... maybe a t break but doubt it
  5. no worries man a lot of people get like that it's happened to me too. But it just happens if you get really used to smoking before sleep when you stop smoking before sleep, it gets harder to sleep but if you just knock off the smoking before bed eventually it should go away...
    Good luck bro and stayy lifted

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