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Can i get high with 10 mgs of vicodin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jairo, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. im scared to take more, will this do anything?
  2. opiate?!..u mean i just did heroin??
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    yeah, your gonna die!!! go get the narcan to shoot up or else your toast!


    you got a lot to learn about drugs my friend. I highly suggest you enroll in 'Substances 101' bro :)
    It will only help you in the long run.
    first things first, theres plenty of different opiates. heroin happens to be one, its much stronger and more addictive then vicodin. thats not saying you cant get addicted to vic's.
    the opiate/chemical you took was called hydrocodone and tylenol.
    10 mg is a really small dose. i would say "recreational" doses start at 15-20mg. the thing you have to watch out for is the tylenol. your liver doesnt like that junk. never exceed 3500mg in a day. thats even a lot. so if you cant take your desired amount of hydrocodone, you can do a cold water extraction. its very simple, just search google.
    for a first time, id take 20-25 mg and roll a few L's and see what the opiate high is all about.

  4. Soooo you didn't even know what you were taking?
  5. OMG you're gonna have to DETOX now!! go to the rehab clinics, get fentanyl patches the whole nine.
  6. sorry for not knowing about drugs,i actually got these Rx'd cuz i got stitches.I didnt really feel anything so i might take 3 tomorrow.it says 5mg/500mg on the bottle so im guessing the 500mg is the tylenol?
  7. grind em up and snort em broseph, youll get high on anything. drink lots of water vicodin drip is teh nastiness word
  8. i aint fucking snorting that chit bro, you fucking insane in the membrane!?
  9. dont snort vicodin, thats the dumbest thing in the world to do. the drip sucks cause like 99.9 percent of that pill/powder is filler
    -rep to spliffin bowls for spreading nonsense.
  10. some people CWE them to remove the tylenol so you can take more.
  11. i have railed pretty much every opiate out there, honostly 10mg is going to make u feel a little fuzzy inside lol. honostly just dont even fuck the vike scene, if your going for a full effect try snorting like 20mg oxy cotin. cut a 80 into 4ths, dice it up. snootie
  12. Why would you want to snort all that filler and acetaminophen?

    You'll be fine with 10mg... I generally would take anywhere from 40-50 MG's myself when I would have the chance, generally two 10mg pills at a time over a period of 8 hours. Haven't been able to find anyone with vics for awhile, though.
  13. You won't feel shit on 10mg of hydro.
    If you smoke some herb with it you might.

    If you want to get high on hydro, then don't be afraid to get high on hydro. You know what I mean.

    If you are going to do it, then do it. Take a high enough dose for you to actually feel something. If not then just sell that shit and make 5 dollars.
  14. vicodine/loricet=hydrocodone

    i used to snort 15 mg of hydrocodone pills everyday, you felt a little but not alot.

    im guessing youd need 30-40 to get fucked up, 10 is pussy shit

    so, no

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