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Can i get clean in 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zergcraft, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. I took a 60 day T-Break and then vaped 2g of weed over the past 2 days. I now have a piss test scheduled in 2 weeks. Is it possible to get clean by that time? Because I have heard it takes at least 30 days..

    To add, i am a gym fiend and i am in the middle of a cut. I spend at least 2 hours in the gym for 5 days a week, and also in a pretty big caloric deficit (averaged 2 lbs a week fat loss for the last couple months). :smoke:
  2. Dude I'd be willing to bet money that you will be completely clean in less than a week. 2g is not much at all especially considering your recent T-break and gym habits. Don't stress over the DT.
  3. if you hadnt taken the t break youd be Fd, but since your just gettin that 2gs out 2 weeks is plenty. Just be super hydrated when you take the test to be safe
  4. It doesn't take 30 days to get clean from smoking unless you're a heavy all day all night smoker. Like others said, you'll be clean in like a week.
  5. Anyone know about Swab/Spit Drug test whateva u desire to call it
  6. Thanks for the advice guys

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