can i get a jump?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by kannabiskid, May 26, 2009.

  1. Over the last year or so I have been going through a process to cleanse myself. I want to be free of all of the petty thoughts and insignificant conflicts that an average life holds. I am ambitious in my attempt at inner happiness.

    I know I am getting close to my destination by the feeling I get as I walk through the woods: a feeling of total peace, deep harmony, and natural beauty. We live on this earth and this earth attempts to live with us. The earth is filled with an abundant amount of potential energy. It is a transcendental spaceship that only reveals itself to people who can truly see. I am at one with the earth, even if practicing my peace is incredibly difficult(while living in a modern world).

    I love to make perspective jumps. It gives my mind something to do when I get tired of being me. The sensation of losing all of your beliefs and ideals is an incredible feeling. You must become one with your subject. You must think the small thoughts that they think. You must decide what motivates them, not from day to day, but from instant to instant. You would be offended if someone used generalizations to define you, don't make the same mistake. Try to understand the reasoning behind people's actions. No problem is split between right and wrong. Perspective is the key to freedom from this obsolete view. I am at peace with my surroundings.

    I have narrowed my world down to a few points:

    Nature is naturally at peace. We are a stick in the spokes.

    Life gives you puzzle pieces, but you get to decide on the image to create.

    We live our own lives.

    Now that I have come to all of these realizations, I must try to live my life while satisfying all of these ideas. It is an intricate process that I know will and must take years. I have been doing ample amounts of research on Taoism, Buddhism, Meditation, Theories of the Universe, etc. I am in search of answers. But this search is daunting and I can feel myself growing tired already. So here I am again, a mind in need of a fresh start. I need a jump.
  2. Ask: do you use your mind or does your mind use you?
  3. I love nature, nature doesn't judge me and I don't judge it. I've realized alot of things in my life are signs to a puzzle that I haven't yet figured out.
  4. Good point.
  5. that is a very interesting question. i like to think that my mind, my world, and I are unified by a common goal. but i am uncertain of that goal, and of where my journey will take me. yet i am incredibly comfortable in this uncertainty. i am excited for the future. i am excited for the now.
  6. People love to accept duality in order to define unity.

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