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Can I freeze weed and thaw it out later?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JuanRing, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Basic question. Say I had a pound, could I just bag it and throw it in the freezer, and then thaw it out when I needed it? Would it be OK to smoke, would the quality go down, etc.
  2. you probably would end up with really harsh bud...
  3. yes, if its already cured and dried freezing it will keep it fresh and prevent the thc from depleting for a long time. I freeze mine some times and smoke it strait outa the freezer. I'm not sure about fresh weed off the plant. since it still has water in it if you freeze it, it will rupture the cells which i'm not sure if this will harm its quality it or not.

  4. Well if I grow some weed I don't want half of it to go all dry and nasty and lose potency.

    I'm definitely going to cure it before I freeze it. I'll probably grow a few pounds, keep like a QP out for myself and freeze the rest, unthaw as needed.

    So you don't notice any drop in quality from freezing your bud?
  5. i've heard of people freezing their bud before they smoke it just to grind out more kief, potency of the bud should stay the same after freezing/defrosting, at least in the past it has been for me.
  6. Why don't you freeze a very small quantity and then compare it to some of the same unfrozen sample? That way, you'd be able to see the exact changes produced by freezing.

    If you do this, please post as to what happens. It would be interesting.
  7. I dont notice any drop in quality at all. just make sure it is sealed up really good. you do not want freezer burn and frost (not the good kind) on your bud.
  8. I have frozen my stash before but it was a pretty small quantity. Any moisture in the bag and you will be SOL, but other than that it should be fine.

  9. Oh no, I don't have the weed yet, I'm just wondering because I'm planning on growing a lot.
  10. A method that extracts the trichomes from shake is using dry ice. Mixing dry ice with your left over shake from a grow nets you keif. I am saying all of this because freezing your stash most certainly will cause some of the trichomes to fall off the weed. Obviously they are the octane that gives your bud the kick. I recommend instead storing your stash in a mason jar or something with an airtight seal and room temp and make sure the humidity is not above 50% (to prevent mold)

  11. how long would a few pounds keep in mason jars? Years?

  12. I have never tried keeping weed for years.....months like 6-7 months, yes for sure!

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