Can I Flower on 6500k ?

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  1. My seedlings are about 10 days old. Once I switch to a 18/6 or 12/12 can I still use my 6500k daylight lights or do I need new ?
  2. you can use them but it would be slightly better to get 2700k. many people use MH lights which have 6500k spectrum for the entire grow and vice versa using a HPS(2700k) for the entire grow.
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  3. I've seen quite a few people say that 6500k light is OK for flowering, not as good as 2700k but with not a big difference. I disagree -- I have seen some grows try using the veg spectrum all the way through and the buds end up thin and wispy.

    You can use HPS/2700k through the entire grow much better than you can use MH/6500k through the entire grow.

    That's for using only each kind of light. A completely different answer, though, if you are talking about adding/supplementing light. If you give the plants plenty of 2700k light in flowering and are wondering if you can also use 6500k light, absolutely. Mixed spectrum is more like natural sunlight and is best for plants.
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  4. Listen to this blade. He always knows what he's talking about.

    I add blue/red LED's on the side to supplement my HPS's for flowering.
  5. My light is 5500K. I use it all through veg and flowering, and I reckon I can out produce anyone using MH and HPS.
  6. Sunlight is 5500K. My MH is 5200K, which is the closest I could find. That is to veg in winter grows.
  7. The Sun's peak spectrum is 5800k, but it puts out light over a very wide range. The wavelenghts are also affected seasonally in non tropical lattitudes due to refraction. In Autumn when it's hitting the atmosphere at a deeper angle it shifts more to the red, which is why many plants that flower in the fall (not just cannabis) can benefit from the redder spectrum of an HPS.

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  8. That is some great information been given here, the amount of lighting tips I have just picked up is great I am really grateful and I think the OP will be grateful too. :):)
  9. Oldskoolgrower, toasty, I would give rep but it will not allow. I guess b/c I give so few +rep and you guys usually deserve it, but it will not allow until some more experienced and helpful growers join or open up to share...same for you Cantharis.

    My experiences w/ MH, HPS, Flouros of various sizes and outputs, etc... I have grown, and still use flouros from time to time. I found it is best to swap out the 6500K for the 2700K when you go to flowering, a little more money to invest, a little extra work, but well worth it. The flowers seem to fill out more, get more dense, and are not as long and stringy as using the 6500K. Same goes for MH & HPS, they both work, and have tried it both ways, but switching them out always seems to work best IMHO. With HPS from veg to flower, you get nice finished flowers, but the plants often stretch more and the plants branching seems to not develope well when compared to using MH. The plants grow sturdier, stronger and have good branching when using a MH for veg, however during flowering the flowers seem to be long and loose, they do not seem to get as dense.

    I know I can't spell, it has pointed out before, but hey, this is a grow forum not a college research paper. If you are using Flouros, switch them out for the best results, if you are using CFL's, do the same and increase the light output for I have found very few good results w/ CFL's unless they are used for very small grow areas, and still the results are not impressive to me.

  10. The sun´s temperature is 5500K.

    You have quoted the first thing you have found on Wikipedia and it is WRONG. (Surprise there!!!)

    Of course the sun emits a wide range of wavelengths, all black bodies do.
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    I didn't find it on wikipedia; It is a link to a University web site (see the .edu if you look at the properties?) and I've had it bookmarked for a long time.

    I won't argue though. It is what it is and arguing won't do any good :)

    EDIT: At least I bothered linking to actual proof, at a University no less, rather than just parroting what I'd heard or thought was true ;)
  12. Seen a lot worse.
  13. Yeah, I was making a joke b/c it was pointed out in another thread. For some reason people feel the need to point out things like this on a grow forum; like it has anything to do w/ growing. When I was growing on the West Coast, some of the best growers could not read or write, let alone spell. To be honest, I never even thought of searching out the Sun's spectrum nor any other specs b/c I always felt confident that the sun would do it's job. When I became more involved doing indoor grows and breeding, I wanted to optimize by being specific about specs. When you grow outdoors, you hav eno real control over environment, however when you grow indoors, you have all the control and it is important to learn and understand these details.

    I find it kind of offensive that people underestimate some of the more experienced growers on here. I found much of the info given here very informative and thought I would add my 2 cents.

  14. You had me scratch my head there, nice one :D
  15. Glad you like.
  16. Whats the deal with bringing your plants outside every once in a while? I know that its a MAJOR risk for bugs, and something you really shouldnt do because of that, but what about the claims of "light shock"?

    I have brought my plants outside to bask in true sunlight, which is many times more powerful than even a 1000 watt hps, and they seem to absolutely love it compared to my CFL's, and they only seem to benefit as well.

    Whats your thoughts guys
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    That's a pretty bold statement to make. Sure sunlight is great and all but HID can produce just as good and in some cases better. Also consider the indoor nature if HIDs this makes controlling other environmental factors possible. If money is not a factor indoor growers can produce more light and perfect growing conditions.
  18. I veg'd / flowered two harvests with 6500k lights (I threw in one 26watt 2700k during flower) and it came out delicious (was only two plants mind you). I do plan to do it differently on my third (current) grow, however, and will nearly double my lighting when it comes time to flower. I've got (roughly) 25 32w 6500k cfls, and 2 40 watt 6500k tubes hanging over everything--I just plan on getting 20 or so 2700k cfls when it comes time to flower.
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    Be serious, no WAY can a light bulb even BEGIN to compare with the sun.

    I have yet to see an indoor grower get 26 ounces dried from a single plant.

    And looking at the progress of my 09 grow so far, YOU AIN´T SEEN NOTHING YET.
  20. Thats like saying we can replicate more volts than a lightening strike.

    If i had the option to grow outdoors, my plants wouldn't be under artificial light.

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