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Can I fix this? (pic)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThatStanky, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Please help, I got really really high, and dropped my bowl, chipping the shotgun. Was wondering if there was any way to save her? of all my glass this is probably my favorite piece. I was going to sand off the rest of the shotgun to make a flat carb kinda deal, anyone tried this or have opinions/options?
    (sorry for the embed, attach wasn't working)

    Thanks! :smoking:
  2. I would just sand the chip so it didnt cut you, then call it chip tha ripper and puff up
  3. sanding it down to make it smooth should work, :)
  4. Sand it down man.. Chip the ripper has a nice ring to it props
  5. sand her smooth, and that pipe just gained some charactor and history, kinda neat if you ask me, although any break sucks.
  6. You've got your basic answer already, so I normally wouldn't bother posting, but that bowl caught my eye for some reason.

    Very nice piece you've got there, good luck and let us know how the sanding goes.

  7. thats my bongs name cause it has a broken perc that i cant get out cause of the splash guard above it and i came up with the name for it while listening to Chip Tha Ripper freestyling :D
  8. Thank you, as I said, it's my favorite.
    $12 at a local headshop. VERY thick (except carb, go figure),
    sweet ass helix goes from tip to tip.
    PERFECT Nugget sized bowl (will fit .2-.3g)
    hits like a TANK!
  9. Do you have the peice that chipped off? If it was me and I had the chip I would just put one drop of glue on it and reattatch it. But sanding it will work fine too. But hey at least it didnt shatter right? Cause trying to glue pipes like that back together can be a bitch but I have done it, there like 3-D puzzels.
  10. The view of the helix on the stem on that last picture is simply amazing...
  11. That's what the bowl looks like all the time in person, pictures don't really catch transparent(semi) features....
  12. Like what everyone said, sand it down and rename it to Chip the (insert old name) Ripper.
  13. I'm thinking about just calling it Chip. simple. Im a pothead, simple=good.
  14. seriously, such a sick bowl. keep tokin
  15. dam man nice bowl brother, hope you got it back to normal.

  16. $12???:eek: very nice
  17. I'd say without a doubt, but it's really not worth it.
  18. amazing looking bowl and what a good price. hopefully you fix it

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