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Can I fit half an ounce in a deodorant?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bray, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I'm planning to get a half an ounce while I'm at my cousins house sunday. I was planning on bringing it home in a regular deodorant container. Do u think it will fit?

  2. If it's dense weed maybe.
  3. Get an old piece of electronic equipment you don't care about anymore (old laptop, video game system, etc). Open it up, hollow it out, insert weed, and put it back together when you travel.
  4. depends on how much deoderant u have, i once did that by taking the bottom part off and stuffing it in there, worked pretty good to get it past the checkpoint..
  5. Yes it will fit.

    Why don't you just put it in a mason jar? Or a jelly jar. Everyone has a jelly jar. They are similar.

    If your that worried about the smell in your car, just put it in the trunk. I wouldn't put it in with a stick of deodorant. Yuck.
  6. you mite be able to stuff it in there bruh.

    why dont you give it a try and give us a report.
  7. Yeah man you don't want that deodarant smell on your bud. I doubt it will fit, even if it is super dense.
  8. Don't let your mommy find it.:rolleyes:
  9. No matter how much you wash that thing out... your bud is gonna smell like deodorant. It would fit but you'd be cramming it in.
  10. Your pocket will work just fine haha
  11. break it up and it will
  12. just suitcase it bro take out all the pointy stems first.

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