can i expect an increase?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cyproz, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. hey if i have around 250 watts of cfls on my plants and i get a 250 watt hps and use that instead, can i expect a increase in yield or growth or potency? i think im running about 18000 lumens off the cfls and the hps i was looking at is 250 watt with 33,000 lumens from htg supply.
  2. you will increase your yield for sure. The hps will penetrate further into the plants and create denser buds.

    Dont forget about venting the additional heat
  3. Keep this in mind, that 250watt HPS will definitely penetrate deeper than your cfl's but can not go nearly as close to your girls as can the cfls. If you can, have the HPS over the top and the cfl's for "perimeter lighting" around the outside of your girls. If not, know that switching to HID lighting will definitely increase yield and density of your "flowers". Good Luck
  4. Absolute yield increase and bud density. Have you thought about using the cfl's around the plants for "perimeter lighting"?
  5. As you observed, 250w HPS is more lumens than 250w CFLs.
  6. ok well i have a closet for short term until my first harvest when i would buy a large 4x4 tent. i have 2 oscilating fans and right now the hps would go above my plants in my closet which is pretty big. i dont want to do the cfls as well because i am on a electricity budget.
  7. for a 4 x 4 tent you may be looking at a larger light. How many plants are you planning on putting in there?
  8. 4 maybe 5 but thats it. i know its not enough light but its all i can run so why not hps.

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