Can I cure/dry faster if I keep a close eye on it?

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  1. Can I dry my buds a little quicker, never to the point of over dry, but say have one out in the open, with a fan, for an hour, its crispy, in jar, an hour later its at 80 repeat. Just to get to try you crop a little faster? Ive only heard things like 4-7 days is best. But if i do it carefully. Could i not do it faster?
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    To fast a dry is what I finally figured to be the root cause of my great smelling weed on harvest day turning to mowed lawn clippings stink after a few days.. Stretching that dry time out over a 7 to 10 day period really turned things around..
    I line day just till the small popcorn stiffens.. 2 or 3 days in my heat and low humidity.. Get it off into the bags and start to limit how much it's exposed to our stone dry air..

    Finish with a 62% Boveda pack for 60 days..

    Just how I've learned to get a clean smoke in my local area..
    Your local conditions may require a different approach..
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  3. Quick cures is the reason why flower out here is so shitty.
    Wish growers did the proper way like back then.
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  4. Ok ill stick to my 7 days
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  5. Don't pick early either...slow harvest, dry and cure will make the best buds
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