Can I clone a stiff, older growth tip? Need to know ASAP

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  1. Just like it says, can i clone a stiffer almost 'barkey' growth tip from the bottom of my plants (still all green)? Their about 3' tall and I'm switching them to flower now so I need to clone in a few hours!



    I got a heat mat and clone dome. I have some older bcuzz clone gell and a new technaflora clone gell. Think I'm gonna use b'cuzz since that's whats worked in the past.
  2. u can try u may not get results, the woody steams dont root as fast
  3. couldn't hurt to try huh?
  4. scar up the stem and nodes with a razor blade before you dip em. sterile of course

    wont root as fast since the stems have started to becom woody but if you scar up that last node and some of the stem it should increase your chances at success.

    you already got the dome and mat so keep em warm and moist and at least one should take so you can keep the genetics goin.

    good luck
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    Tougher woody growth is harder to get to root. You will need rooting hormone. Try cutting an X into the bottom of the cutting to provide maximum surface area for growing roots. Even if you clones don't take, the new growth that replaces your woody side branches will be much easier to clone.

    Hope this helps


    Since a few hours has already surely passed, I will just say that I now hope this helps someone with a similar question.
  6. Thanks, it still helps. Well I just looked for the best clone sites and took 4 clones off the one plant (from lower branches. Some of the clones didnt have much of a stem on them since I had to pull the newest growth tips which seemed to Be small.

    Anyways, I'll let you guys know how it goes!!!!!!! Smoke a joint or bowl and send good karma my way :D

  7. Never wait until your plants are going into flower to clone, your veg room/area should function as a continuous cycle of rotating by age/size. If you cloned weeks before they would be babies by the time your other more mature plants move to flower.

    The best place to clone are off the lower branches, they have a higher concentration of the hormones responsible for rooting. Pick up some "Dip N Grow" rooting hormone and use that also. It sounds like you are somewhat new so do not cut the bottom of the clone to increase surface area. From my experience this is never executed properly by beginners.The two main causes of cloning failure are grower mistakes and taking clones from a unhealthy plant. Good luck and plan this out better next time! :D
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    Don't go out any buy any more rooting hormone. Two brands is enough; I promise.

    Maybe he's right about not cutting into the stem of the clone, but he's assuming your going to be brutal. Its very simple. Just take a brand new razorblade and slice it up about 1 cm or a 1/4 inch. You don't even need the cut an X into it, but I do. This does not usually speed up how fast the clones show roots, but it does increase the number of roots that they grow. Thus the clones will be sufficiently rooted much sooner.

    But I agree. Don't do it. Its not going to make them any more likely to root if they don't want to, from my experience. The rooting hormone should do it's job. Oregon might have removed the variable that could have killed your plants. + rep Oregon.

    Where I really disagree is Oregons said you should be using your veg room as a continuous cycle of rotating by age/size. Do you mean to say he should be using perpetual harvest techniques? Because if he is training them they should all be the same size. If you're plants are not all the same size oregons, maybe you should work on that instead of starting some to flower earlier than others. But maybe not. Its your grow, and I don't know what you want to get out of it. I was just making a point, no hard feelings. I'm sure you keep your girls all nice and uniform. By size you probably meant different strains, as most of the time clones stay generally the same size if they come from the same mother. Am I off?

    Perpetual harvest is probably the best way to grow, imo.

    But I know plenty of growers that it just won't work for. Commercial growers especially. They move locations far too often for it to be practical. They also want one large harvest, because its easier to manicure, dry and move all at once. I'm not saying the OP is a commercial grower. I'm also not saying that he isn't! We just don't know..

    So OP, perpetual harvest is sick and it really keeps you in bud. It allows you to save those jars long enough to get a really good cure. I do perpetual harvest. You might want to as well! But don't do it just because I do, or because Oregon said to never do it the way you do now. He knows what he is talking about, but I bet he'll tell you that he's not the Ganja-Messiah!
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    I guess I wasn't too concise when I made that part about rotation.

    I basically mean that he must have a continuous system of rotating plants from clone ---> young veg ---- > Late Veg -----> Flower. All while transplanting sufficiently and keeping the plant's interests in mind. Basically he should have another set of plants to move into place when the oldest veg go into flower. Maintaining a constant flow of mature plants with no down time between flower cycles. This means you will harvest once every 2 months (depending on your flower schedule and if you stagger the age of plants to harvest once every month).

    My main points were to keep it simple when cloning and to have another batch of plants to take the spot of the ones moved to flower.

    extra tip - Highly diluted bloom fertilizer is ideal to water with, the high potassium promotes root growth. Dosing your mother plant with continuous potassium is also good for the same reason, giving the clipping extra potassium to begin with
  10. No, I had a pretty good idea of what you meant. I must have been too verbose for you to actually read what I wrote. He doesn't have to do that if he doesn't want to. He was asking if he can clone older, woody plant growth. Don't be a know-it-all. What you're talking about is a perpetual harvest. If he continues to move late veg plants into flowering, he will then have cycles of plants being harvested every so often instead of one big harvest all at once.

    This is true in all cases, unless he decides to veg his plants for a time equal to the entire flowering period. This in my experience is ridiculous and wasteful, because a greater number of smaller plants will produce the same quantity of bud in less time than an equal volume of larger plants, due to the time wasted veging them to that size!

    This is the very thing you are trying to (without being asked ) eliminate from our OP's grow!

    What you're doing is assuming he wants to keep his grow-room is operation for extended periods of time. Perhaps he simply wants to do one more grow. Don't assume. You know what it does to you and me.

    Isn't it just as likely that he is a new grower who is experimenting with cannabis and might very well like to take a break from producing it between batches?

    You are so full of yourself.

    Sorry man, but you are. I don't mean to personally attack you... but it just needed to be said. Call me the bad-guy for derailing the thread, but I couldn't just be quiet and listen to you act like you are posting from on top of a pedestal.

    Sorry for clogging your thread op, but this guy's head was already taking up sooo much space...
  11. I was just specifying what my last post was about to clear up confusion. My goal was to help a beginner with planning his cycle. I was no way imposing on his grow style or rushing to conclusions. I answered his question about woodier growth and I proceeded with a little bit of background information to further assist him. If you feel I'm being a know it all I don't mind, because I have his best interests at heart. Next time don't praise me then bash me in the next comment like a fickle child. Make up your mind and get back to your closet grow. :wave:
  12. I think I will. You obviously have the intentions to make me feel inferior and |I'm not going to play the grow-flex game with you. And you call me a child?

    How does believing you to be correct but pompous and aloof make me a fickle child? I think you should go find a publisher and stop forcing your information down people's throats. if you want to talk about a fucking perpetual harvest, go find a thread about perpetual harvest.

    Lots of people think you are a know-it-all, and it sounds like you are quoting a grow guide word for word.

    Shut up and get back to telling people how they should do everything.:wave:

  13. This seems like a myth to me. Clones taken from the top of the plant root just as well as those from the bottom, plus they grow faster since they are more developed. I'm curious, if you have taken clones from the top, how much slower did it take for them to root?
  14. Well... If you're adding a synthetic rooting hormone to the cutting, I don't see why it would matter at all. But I only have a closet grow going on due to my living situation, so my working knowledge of biology, chemistry and horticulture for some reason does not apply. :rolleyes:

  15. LOL. You get too defensive dude, and type a little too much. ;)

    I usually just state my position once. People are intelligent enough to decide for themselves who makes the most sense imo. So there is no need to keep going back and forth with people. Plus I'm high all the time so it's very hard for to give a shit enough to actually want to keep arguing with people, lol. :smoke:

  16. Be honest foo'! :D I type waaay too much.
    I'm actually embarrassed by my closet grow!:eek: He hit me where it hurts man!

    Brief enough?;)

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