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  1. Will the punching bag help my back look physically bigger ( I have a very weak back) because I hurt my back at work and I don't think lifting weight is a good idea right now but when I box I feel my muscles in my bicep sore but not so much in my back ... Any fellow stoners wanna help me out ?
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  3. How do you even know he's white? He also mentioned how weak his back is and that it's a problem and mentioned nothing about trying to look good for someone.Reading; get better at it.If a punching bag helps your back, (I don't think it does very much) it'd be better to lift. Some stiff legged dead lifts and shit. Just lift light and focus on good form.If your back is injured, rest. Then start lifting.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  4. Swimming is for you. Swimming works every muscle in the body and is great for cardio. It also helps with rehabbing injuries.
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    I am just a stoner on the internet but I don't think something with impact, such as hitting a bag or running, is ever good during rehab. 
    Yoga is awesome for the back, but it probably won't make you "physically bigger." It can make you a lot stronger.
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    what kind of back problem do you have? pm me i happen to know a lot about pt for back injuries lol
    the back is some of the largest muscles in your body and most functional muscles you need for lifting shit
    and you get the ability to fly

  7. A punching bag will work...if you apply years too it. But that is a by product of the muscle groups being exercised. Mostly biceps and shoulders take the brunt of a good heavy bag.
    Swimming will also work...same same..
    To broaden your back and shoulders you need to lift heavy and regularly for those specific muscle groups. JetFit is a good website to look at.
    Most importantly, let your injury heal. Then work into it..
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    I am a latino/arab. And how the hell do you attract someone with your back?  :confused_2:
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    Will the absorbtion in my muscles make them physicall bigger? I understand when you lift weight you are "ripping" the muscle fibers but when you box you just get exhausted and it doesn't feel the same
    No. It'll burn the fat and make them look leaner. Not smaller, but leaner and really show the striations in the muscle fiber. But the blood will pump them up for a short while. The exhaustion you feel is the depletion of glycogen, as it is burned out your muscles will get pumped up with blood.
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  11. Actuarry there was a study or article I read years ago that short cardio work outs using heavy bags is indeed anabolic and induces some hypertrophy.

    Of course you can't expect to be the next top bodybuilder.

    You're using brute force. Those muscles are creating that power. You can't expect to not have damage done to those muscles when constantly pounding a bag.
    Wouldn't that be the result of a speedbag? I'm starting to feel my back get slightly stronger 
  13. Speedbag mostly just cleans up the head on the bicep and flexor muscles at the elbow. Resitence to build muscle, using the muscle burns fat. I'm not a Dr. so I may be a little off. These are just my expeirences.
  14. Excuse me sir. What do you mean by it cleans up head on the bicep? U aware there are three different heads on the bicep?
  15. The back is a pulling muscle... i don't think punch are the way to go if you want a big back. Deadlifts bro all kinds of deadlifts. Be careful and lift properly but deadlifts. Punching Imo Wont Do Anything
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  16. depends on your back problem... but deadlifts, squats and heavy kettlebell swings are your go-to exercises for getting a bigger back.
    you are not going to build a lot of muscle by punching a heavy bag. 
    the cardio you put in your heavy bog work most likely will offset any serious muscle gain. you might lose some extra fat, which is good (if you have some to spare).. that will make you look more ripped, but to get bigger you need to do exercises that are better targeted at that specific goal. (like the ones above).
  17. If you got back problems don't be lifting huge dead lifts and pull downs straight away. Let your back heal before you go raggin that shit up. Do dumbbell back exercises to get ya started like rows up right and bent over, do pull downs light ones and go from there. I hit the bag 4 or 5 times a week and have noticed big gain in my lats but i do rounds of boxing in between weights so can't say its the boxing alone. Your back is important don't fuck it up by doing heavy dead lifts straight away when its already injured you'll be hobblin around like an old manSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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