Can God dig an athiest?

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  1. Disclaimer (for people who love to know what you are): I'm %100 Agnostic ;);)

    All atheists are not equivalent when it comes to moral values, of course.

    If there is a God, do you think he would give an atheist, one that lacked absolutely no moral fiber, a pass to heaven (or at least purgatory)?

    A dude/chick that doesn't disown God and his policies because they sound silly, but because he's just a humble skeptic at heart and is hungry for the 'truth'.

    Discuss, please.
  2. God is an atheist. just like me
  3. the god of abraham wouldn't, if you go by the scriptures. hindu god? maybe. any decently just god would accept that it's own creation shouldn't be punished for the nature it gave the creation, that is, skepticism and free will. imho
  4. "Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear."
    -Thomas Jefferson 1787

    i like
  5. God IS an atheist himself so I would imagine he would be sympathetic to atheists like me.
  6. The bible clearly states that god loves everyone. Therefore, I would assume that he digs atheists.

    Personally? I don't believe in gods or religions, so I don't really give a shit hahaha.
  7. God loves everyone. But still punishes some of them to eternal damnation.

    That's some real tough love right there.
  8. can god kiss my ass?

  9. funny i thought i said this...

    whats really funny is it sounds like we're saying god exists when we're both atheists...

  10. Oh.. I didn't see your post my first go around. I would have quoted it and agreed with you if I said it.
  11. In my opinion, "God" does not judge. And allows every being to continue on in the afterlife.
  12. You have to be christian to have morals?
  13. I'm sorry... why?

  14. oh i didnt care:p. but i think we should have both said...if he exists hes an atheist knowwatimsaying?
  15. Did god create humans to naturally be something he doesn't like, or did he like the idea of atheism when he created us?

  16. Yes that would be wise to do. I for sure don't want to go around making people think I am asserting something like a god existing.

  17. why was it my opinion? :smoke: Why not?
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    How can God not like something? He loves all and everything that has ever existed & will ever existed. Perhaps atheism is your path in life. So be it. It does not hurt him/she. God does not my opinion :bongin:
  19. Don't Hindu's believe that all believers of another religion are simply misled, and will not be punished because of this?
  20. I guess... most of those I know of that claim Christianity always give credit to 'God's will' first when it comes to 'doing the right thing'.


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