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can drug dogs smell baked goods

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 30, 2009.

  1. well can they? if the fuzz makes a dog smell your cannabudder or budder laced brownies will it set them off?
  2. In that one documentary with the ex-cop guy, he says no. He says no one ever got busted with a brownie or something.
  3. I have no experience/knowledge in this.. but,

    why wouldn't they be able to?

    Dogs are gnarly, the weed is still there, just in a cookie or a brownie. If they stick a K9 on you, and your holding something, hard to imagine that it won't smell it.

    but if someone can prove me wrong, that would be great. Like I said, I have no experience/knowledge in this area. Just hard to imagine they wouldn't be able to.
  4. Dogs WILL sniff it out.

    Even if you just touched something containing THC a trained K9 WILL sniff those traces hours later.
  5. first of all if you use canna-budder or canna-oil, there will be no actuall weed ,just THC(if you do it right) so i dont know how they can smell that. But on the other hand dogs can smell odourless things like coke so i wouldnt know what to say, but whatever it is your doing think before, is it worth the risk, just to get high once.

  6. THC is what the dogs sniff out!

  7. i thinkk your safe, if you can eat it you can beat it.

    my reasoning. Its food, of course the dog will give it attention, hell if it was just take out the dog would be into it. Plus how are they going to know for sure that there is THC in it? Unless you are an amature and you leave actual flower in the baked goods.....
  8. I have a feeling this is another fool the handler not the dog situation. I know when I made brownies last (no weed) my dog was going crazy sniffing around them trying to get at them. So the dogs reaction could be explained away as reacting to the food.

    I would think it would be likely you would get away with it though because unless they can see pieces of weed or it reeks then what probable cause do they have? A dog reacting to food does not a good case make. I just can't see them seeing a brownie to a lab to test it because the dog barked at it, seems too risky for them to try it.

    But yes I'm positive the dog can smell it.
  9. I dont think that a dog will be able to pick up something with cannabutter or other extracts in it. The dogs are trained to pick up the smell because to the dogs, its just a big game. When the dog is being trained, it is taught to pick out the distinct smell of marijuana so he can be rewarded with a treat or a ball or whatever. Idk im no expert, this is just IMO
  10. In the "Never Get Busted Again" DVD. The ex-cop guy said although the dog will be able to smell it, the dog will also want the food, and the handler will just think the dog wants the food. (Which he does.) He also said in the thousands of arrests he made when he was a cop, he never got someone for brownies/food, and it's a great idea if you're traveling. I really recommend the DVD. Also, the way they train drug dogs is they put the cannabis smell on a ball, and always use that ball to train with them. THe dog thinks he's looking for his toy, when he's really looking for marijuana.
  11. Idk sometimes cookies still can have a weed-like smell even if done right with cannabutter.
  12. Any everytime he finds it he gets rewarded.
  13. i agree
  14. I laughed my fuckin ass off. :laughing:

    Well, you can use the food as an excuse. The dog wants to eat it. :D
  15. look even if u get stopped by cops and put dogs i say u get the cokkies and eat them he cant stop u
    if u eat it fast enough he will hav no evidence
    former cop made a youtube video bout this
  16. even if the dogs could smell it, they would be scolded for trying to smell food.
  17. makes so much sense that is didn't cross my mind :smoking:
  18. yeah but if he sees you trying to shove hand fulls of edibles down your mouth real quick, expect to be choking them up real soon:bolt:
  19. Yea they can smell it but most cops won't be able to tell if the dog is sniffing at the food or the drug. Just to be safe carry around a piece of beef jerky near your herb and the cop will just think the dog is going nuts over the meat.

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