Can clothes really smell like weed?

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    People say this, but I can't smell it at all. In my 12 years of smoking I've just never been able. I know there's a really high chance that it's just because I'm so used to the smell, but I just can't for the life of me say for sure. So I'm just going to blow a bunch of bong rips in my shirt and let it sit in the guest room for a day or two. Then come in and smell it and find out the truth, since I don't ever smoke in there.
  2. Yea it smells like smoke. Or blunts if u smoked blunts. Ur hands too.
  3. I can never smell it on my clothes either, hell after a party I found my coat in my friends car that had been fishbowled all night and all I could smell was a hint of my cologne. Usually the smell comes from my fingers or breath. Both easily cured by a wash of the hands and a piece of gum :smoke:
  4. I used to be so paranoid about the smell when I first started smoking because I thought it stayed in my clothes. It just stays in my hands and hair.
  5. It absolutely does I have proof! When I quit smoking for a while I can smell it on friends. I also know for a fact smoking hurts our sense of smell making it harder to detect skunky or smokey odors briefly.
  6. I can never smell it on myself after I smoke, but others can. I think you just become used to the smell and it isn't noticible. I don't know.
  7. ^Yeah you get used to the smell and don't notice it as much.

    Don't think for a second the smell can't stick to your clothes.
  8. I remember when I first started smoking the delicious smell of weed. Now I only get flashbacks of the good ol' days.

  9. hotbox and usually you will smell like it
  10. Clothes definitely can, but I can only notice it when I haven't smoked all day and someone walks up to me shortly after smoking.

    Even if the smell sticks, I don't think it lasts as long as some people say. Probably no more than 10-20 minutes
  11. I've always noticed that the smell of MJ doesn't stick long and can be aired out really easily. On the other hand, tobacco smoke CLINGS to clothing. So if I smoke a blunt, my shirt will smell even if I air it out for an hour.

  12. Yeah this is all that really matters to me. Other peoples opinions on how long you think it clings to you?
  13. do something to air it out, drive with the window down take a walk or change shirts
  14. i used to blow my hits towards my closet, until i got a job interview that required me to wear a suit.. that shit reeks of diesel... for future reference of course. hindsight is 20/20
  15. I usually don't notice my clothes smelling til the next day lol. But I burn incense in my room a lot too so smell isn't a big deal
  16. if you smoke a blunt... you gotta wash your clothes honestly the smell will stick forever
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    The only thing I guess that sticks hard is a blunt. But the smell is so mixed between weed and the wrap that you can just play it off that you smoked a cigar or someone smoked one around you.

    If I had to try to be specific I'd say a bowl would be gone in a matter of 5-15 minutes and a blunt would take probably 10-20 minutes or maybe even longer if it really stuck.

    You can smoke a bowl and put a coin over it when you're not hitting it so the smoke doesn't run and just exhale your hits into a very open and circulated area and I don't think it'd stick more than a minute or two

    One thing I've seen a lot of people so that seems to work (even with blunts) is to put on a jacket or something while they smoke and then just take it off after
  18. one time we smoked out my car, i had my work hat sitting in the back. next day when i go into work i smell weed like all freaking day and cant figure out why. finaly i smell my hat was was like daammmnnn, very glad i didnt work around the boss that day lol.

    but anyway lol yes it does stick to youre clothing. like in a smoke out or what not, depends how much you smoke and what type of clothing it is. im sure some fabrics will hold more then others.
  19. Yes, unless you blow the smoke straight up in the air and plug your bowl if it cherries. But your fingers/clothes will REEK, youre just used to it, smoking tends to damage olfactory senses, thats why i take tolerance breaks, but i can still smell itclearly
  20. The only time I've had a problem with smell is after smoking a blunt and letting the blunt smoke penetrate your fingers. Only way to get rid of that is time or lots of cologne, or cutting of your skin. That smell from your clothes is prob comming from your hand. If you smoked a bowl, then you might be on to something

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