Can clones be healthier than the mother plant?

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  1. If I were to cut clones off a mother plant that is decently healthy, but doesn’t have the best looking roots on her, would the clone inherit the weak roots or would it be able to sprout healthy ones like a brand new plant?
  2. Well, it depends. Are the root issues genetic or from environmental factors?
  3. Clone have identical genetic but can obviously be grown differently than the mother. Genetic establish the norm and peak possible performance for a plant but environmental factors control the individual plant performance.In a word, yes. That being said, I;ve never used anything but my favorite plants as mothers. Ideally I pick two or three potential mothers, flowers all their children, smoke them and then decide which one I really want to keep using.
  4. Clones should be able to sprout new and healthy roots as long as they are given the correct environment to do so. I suggest you first figure out what is causing your current plant to have bad roots so you can avoid the same issue with the clones.
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  5. Not necessarily - if grown using a different method than the mother - maybe
  6. Environmental factors, it was taken care of by a friend of mine and it was just severely over and under watered a couple times. The genetics are definitely worth saving though it’s a strain called slurricane from in-house genetics

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