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Can Cannabis-infused coconut oil get you high through just topical application?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by MJMessiah47, Aug 24, 2011.

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    I'm new to this forum but not new to ganja whatsoever, in fact, me and MJ have had an intimate, spiritual relationship since the first time i inhaled it :hippie:
    I've been smoking everyday for about 3 years, my tolerance is pretty darn high. Recently i discovered the wonder of edibles and ever since I've been on a mission to perfect the best recipes/methods of cooking with cannabis or infusing it.
    So yea, if i decarb my bud (a half ounce of regs, but really good quality regs, like "arizona" but by no means "dank") in the oven (pyrex bowl covered with tinfoil) for about 30-60mins at 250 F then add it to a double boiler, then add a cup or so of coconut oil, cook for 2-3 hours, strain and let cool, will this produce a potent oil?
    Yea that was a long sentence i know :laughing:

    Also the real reason why I started the thread: If i apply this oil, because i understand it also cools and becomes solid, to my skin, will that get me high?

    Anyway thanks ahead of time, Paleo edibles and Badkittysmiles I've learned a lot from you guys!
  2. i dont think aplying it to the skin will get you high, thc needs to get into your blood streem to get you high (hence the smoke going into your lungs, almost a direct path to the blood stream because of broncholi)
  3. it sounds like a good idea though. edibles are one of my favorite highs, mostly because its a body high
  4. i seem to remember reading somewhere that there was an oil or creme made with cannabis that you could apply to your skin and it will produce a high... also i read something like people who grow the stuff and cure it etc. sometimes get high just by working with the bud with their hands/skin...
    i will try to find some links and post
  5. that sounds amazing!!! my back seems to hurt a lot, that would probably help. thanks for the link, +rep for showing me this, it looks interesting
  6. Yes it is my firm belief that Cannabis is Gods Gift/Miracle plant.
    Lets not forget about this high times article published a while back: HIGHTIMES.COM > WAS JESUS A STONER?

    It's titled was Jesus a stoner?

    Basically the story goes that in the time of the ancient Gnostics, Jesus was anointed in cannabis infused oil, and after this he became Christ. Not actually by water baptism... READ THE ARTICLE!
  7. yes it can get you high but i'd add some vitamin e and maybe a little of some topical oil in replace of some of the coconut oil to help with absorption.
  8. in that case, l2read. You cant get high just by touching buds. When you cure it, you put it in a jar, and thats the only time you would come into contact with it during the whole curing process.

  9. wrong.

    when working with larger amounts of cannabis plants you get a large quantity of resin on your hands; and as you work with the plants the oils in your hands heat up and bind with the resin.

    someone with a very very low tolerance would get high. though most people would just feel it in their hands.
  10. would you explain to me when you actually touch the buds ? when you harvest, your holding the stems, when your trimming, your touching the stems, when drying, you dont touch at all, and the same with curing.
  11. Not as much as smoking or eating an edible
  12. Have you ever actually trimmed any real amount? It's a messy job. If your trimming a couple baby plants you might be able to sit and hold the stems between your thumb and index finger the whole time while you trim, but there's no way I could stand to do that for hours on end. Plus I can get a tighter trim if I just hold the bud in my hand and go at it.
  13. ^ word.

    Harvesting is VERY hands on.

  14. main line that mix with a hypo needle ftw
  15. In any case I'll just use that oil to make brownies if it won't get me as high through topical application. However it should still have some healing properties, so i might still try it.

    But no definitely not gona main line that oil with a hippo needle haha

  16. Apparently, you have never trimmed a fucking plant.. now shush, he knows more then you and he's right.
  17. Let me bring this up to date. I have recently made some cannabis coconut oil and yes, you can get off just by rubbing it on, especially if you're already buzzed. When I applied it to my painful back after a smoke, but not only did it relieve my pain but I got a head rush, too. I was amazed. It has been years since I've gotten that kind of rush from pot. Coconut oil is one of the few things that will bring other molecules thru the skin with it. It also passes the blood/brain barrier. The effects will depend on the strain used and the strength. You are more likely to get head rush with a sativa dominant strain I would think, whereas a heavier indica might lay you out more. I will be able to make a definitive statement on that in a couple of days. The last batch was top trim and popcorn buds from Tangerine Dream, a sativa dominate. The batch I'm brewing now is Blue widow trim and bud, which is an indica/sativa balanced hybrid. I'll start sampling in a few hours. I'm sure the originaters of this thread have already found their answer but for anyone unsure, I say it works.

  18. Was just wondering if i could use it as a lotion because I have some coconut oil and thought I read somewhere on a thread that it worked. Is it the same as the edible high also?
  19. Im not to sure as I have never used it, but I cant see why not if you put enough on. Hopefully Badkitty sees this and posts :)

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