Can anyone tell me which is the best heat gun for vaporizing ?

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    :wave: Hi, Please can anyone tell me which is the best heat gun tool for vaporizing weed ? I have planned to buy this one at gotvape for $80. Do you think this is my best option ? I am looking for a heat gun with possibility of 170-180 Celsius degrees and ceramic core.


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  3. Please kid :rolleyes:, this is a serious post... get out.
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    The concensus is that a cheap heat gun is dangerous to inhale from and will break quickly. Even if the element is ceramic you don't know what other elements may be in the heat path.

    If you are going to spend the money on a good quality heat gun, you might as well just buy a quality vape.

    The only brand I have heard of being used is Steinel.

    from FC...
    the end of the day the greatest risk you're looking at pragmatically
    speaking is a carbon ion coming off of the fan motor and maybe getting into
    the air flow. This should be filtered off if you're running through water
    anyway and to put it into relative terms all the carbon ions that would ever
    come off the fan motor on that heat gun during its entire lifespan would be
    significantly less than the carbon found in ONE SINGLE INHALATION OF SMOKE.
    There has been a lot of demonizing of the heat guns by Storz and Bickel who
    ironically, first went to Steinel in Germany when developing the Volcano for
    possible manufacturing solutions. Also a bit ironic: they chose to go with
    an Aluminum element!!! Cheap yes....clean? I hope so!!! Also dry hot
    vapor and with most medicinal herbs its actually the heat and dryness that
    does the majority of the damage whether your talking smoke or vapor."

  5. i've done some reading around and a lot of people seem to be saying that the heat gun is not conducive for healthy vaporization due to unknown air-paths and whatever chemicals may be used/ produced in the production of the heat gun. Personally, I'd opt for the tool built for what you need, a vaporizer but if you'd rather go the heat gun route make sure you do plenty of research on brands and models to know what's the safest to use. best of luck, brutha. :wave:

  6. I see, thanks. Then would you recommend me those vaporizers that don't use an electric fan, just a heating element and a hose to make the air flow ? I think it is almost the same than a forced air system like using guns or volcano vaporizers. Only you have to make the air flow by sucking the hose, doing that, the hot air will be redirected through the hot chamber to the herbal chamber, Am I correct ?.


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  7. Imo the best whip vapes are the silver surfer ($270), da buddha ($180), or a purple days ($180) vape.

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