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Can anyone tell me the strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by boricuarage79, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    New to the forum... I smoke every now and then, but now I become a regular smoker for the past few days because I rather start smoking then taking medications for my PTSD.. I am a Army veteran and I use to take many ssri/snri and benzos.. currently I just do valium 2.5mg or 5 mgs a day sometimes none... I'm an active weightlifter as I body build...
    Now I can only smoke strains that don't make me hyper or hyper maniac per say... or mind racing... cause I have anxiety and get panic attacks..
    Today I got a sample and would like to know what type it is... it looks indica but could be hybrid and yes the person I got it from don't know what type it is..
    I got me a pax 2 and will try it out tonight

    Thanks [​IMG]

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  2. Take it back and get a refund, that's bud rot elxusive, look how brown it is. Hopefully you didn't pay too much, find yourself a new connect.
  3. It was a sample.. It's fresh still a lil wet

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  4. I'm about to go to meet up with my friend where I normally get stuff and make a comparison

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  5. If you look at blue dream it looks almost the same.. so you telling me this is bad?... it smells good to me[​IMG]

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  6. Looks great.. Blue dream is top grade! Not sure about the free sample, but it didn't look like bud rot to me just dark red hair and lots of them!! Good luck and thanks for your service Bro!!

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  7. Thank you very much... I packed it up in the pax2 and will smoke it later

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  8. Guy is an idiot. Itis NOT BUD ROT. Its dark red hairs
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  9. Dude was trolling or prolly on that garbage

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  10. I am 100% sure that is Bubba Kush. My knowledge is supreme and you will believe me.
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  11. Whatever it is... It's pretty good.. taste nice!!

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  12. That be damn good because bubba kush is top 10 for PTSD!!

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  13. It's good shit is what it is. Look if you want medical name brand grass, you gotta grow your own or hit up a dispensary. Nearly impossible to name a weed strain by looks. Also ptsd is very serious it's better to not stress out about a high. I find a little weed goes a long way for the ptsd, also have you tried getting a dog? I got one and he helps mine majorly.
  14. I live in Germany bro... so getting medical marijuana is a challenge up in this joint, but in working on it

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  15. What would help you a lot is to lose some of those prescriptions the side effects are killer for them. Gl and smoke on✌️
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  16. Just valium for me... I ain't messing with other shit anymore..

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  17. I got some purple cookies...or that's what he said it is and I've Kno this guy for many years..says it came from Cali! [​IMG]

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  18. That's definitely not Bubba Kush, however if you are looking for strains to help symptoms of PTSD, Bubba Kush is excellent.

    Some strains that have helped a friend with symptoms of complex PTSD -

    - Sour Diesel
    - Orange Bud
    - AK-47

    However, some symptoms present differently for different people, you may find other strains work for you too. This may help you get a start.

    If you can recommend any strains that help insomnia from night terrors, please let me know.

    PS - if anyone tells you they know what strain a picture is, they're lying.

    Good luck,


  19. Its super duper white Russian OG kush drops
  20. So if you say it's not Bubba Kush? Then what? Looks like Big Bud too, but definealty a kush....

    And yes I'm trying to look for some strains for PTSD... I live in Germany so half of these fuckers don't even know what they have...

    I have smoked white widow bout 12 years ago, northern lights and other stuff... I love Amsterdam.. just walk in a local coffee shop and tell em what you want..

    Must important thing for me is not to get a thc that is to high of a strain or I get paranoid


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