Can anyone see any amber?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cheesemonger, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. My eyes are shitty, any amber triches here? They all look cloudy to me

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  2. No amber, i would say there still 90% clear

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  3. I'd say 50/50 cloudy:clear. But yes, no amber yet.
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  4. Ahhh that's what I thought. Nice one
  5. Whole flower pictures would help if you're looking for harvest advice vs only looking at trichome color.

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  6. Just in the limited info I gathered from those pix, don't harvest yet.
  7. Would you harvest without amber triches? I never had and doubt i would.
  8. Most here probably wouldn't like my answer to you on this but I'll say it anyhow -

    I don't own a scope nor do I plan on buying one so I'm not sure what an amber trichome looks like besides seeing the pictures online. I watch my flowers, the color of the pistils, the thickness of the calyxes and simply through experience of doing this a long time, by visually looking at them, watching them, knowing how much they drink, knowing the strains I grow over time I just know when they can't possibly get any better -

    Then I wait another week.

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