Can Anyone Join The Idf?

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    When young people are forced at gunpoint to join the military, I would expect this type of stuff. It's a good thing. It's young people being young people. If I was forced into the military at age 18 I'd probably be dicking around as well. Good for them.  
    It shows the fact that these people are the children of the nation, forced to do the bidding of politicians who never have to step one foot into anything remotely dangerous. 
    I don't know how to convert. I think you have to stand in some water or something. Also, if part of your penis isn't chopped off, you'll never be able to convert. I
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    I would imagine that the IDF would be open to taking anyone into its ranks. That is as long as you are "brave" enough to shoot young kids who throw stones.
    Converting to Judaism involves a lot of Torah study and as Lenny pointed out chopping off the end of your knob. A good friend of mine who lives in NYC did it a few years back. He was going out with a tasty Jewish girl for a few years and they had discussed marriage etc etc... but she was very insistent that he would have to convert to Judaism. 
    My friend used to say no bird is worth chopping the end of your knob off until he went to visit her parents in California with her. They were rolling in $$$ with a mansion, pool and a fleet of supercars. As the only daughter she was due to inherit everything so my friend being a sensible chap started studying, got his knob end removed and is now a happily married man. :)
  3. If you are Jewish and can verify it you have automatic citizenship if you are not living there already. If you are Arab you will never be granted citizenship. There immigration laws are a balance of Democracy and maintaining a Jewish National Identify. Americans have this view of taking everyone for many many nations it does not work that way. 
    I know from living in Japan that if your black you will have a hard time gaining citizenship, or Korean. It happens but its difficult. Australia has quirks as well. Many countries believe the bedrock to there uniqueness is whatever race they belong to. 
    You can gain citizenship to Israel if you are of a non Arab back round automatically through marriage. 
    Another quirky thing. Try going to a Arab country with a Israel stamp in your passport. That country does not exist or is illegal in there eyes. I have spent many years working in the region and if you do have that stamp good luck to you brother. I've seen people do not under any circumstances want to be detained in a Arab country for that reason, made to leave the country, or made to pay a rather large fine which basically was a bribe to the Customs person. 
    Did you think USA was jacked? :) 
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    I have even better pics :))
    its a hit in Israel, many girls take photos with their clothes off, leaving only the unit shirt or some sign.

    And Lenny, it has nothing to do with "forcing" people into IDF.. girls can easily get out of duty.
    The % of the young people wanting to join IDF is HUGE.
    Don't make it like we are forced and going there unhappy... Its only fun that their are doing in there.

    Ps- israeli girls are the best ))
  5. So are you saying joining the IDF is voluntary? IF its voluntary then why are young people in jail for refusing to serve?
    Isralei girls remind me of a spicy latina. Very sexy but with a fire buring inside that you don't want unleashed on you.
    no, its not voluntary. everyone at the age of 18 must join. but you have to understand Israel to know the situation..  the spirit is sky high and the most of the young know where they are going and they want to go there, a lot are going to combat service. Israel is small country and the people knows war very well. the israelis want to keep their home safe. IDF IS the people.
    ps - we even have girls on F16's and Apachee's..
    and one (stupid) out of thousand - dont want to join, it also happens...
    the girls for example, they have "Karakal" unit. which is based on girl service. combat service ... and yea, you dont want to mess with them..
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    Why are the religious extremists given a pass ? What makes them special ?
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    because they sit and learn torah in yeshiva all day and night, sleeping 3-4 hours a day all their life. 
    they live a different life then ours, their world is totally different. no tv, nothing that you have in your house or anything modern in there. its a closed communities that all their life is learning day and night the torah. and mostly because the torah is part of Israel and learning this is not easy task. yes, they are special. they don't even fit in the idf. and the idf know that.
    these are the extreme. special.
    the rest are joining the army, including the most religious.
    but not the Yeshiva guys. they are the ones who's keeping the torah as the heart of Israel. and its not a "pass", they have their part of Israel, a very important one.
    now you get it ?   
  9. Not really to be honest. Then again i live in a secular country where chaps who sit around all day chanting aloud and avoiding work are labeled as wasters or freaks. Different strokes for different folks i guess.
    How do these chaps survive ? I presume if they are so busy reading the Torah that they don't have jobs ? Are they on welfare ?
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    It would take me forever to try explain their world, and even i still don't know much. They are not like your chanting freaks. Theres not many people that knows about them.
    For example, They don't use money. they give everything to each other and work with their hands in large communities, anything you will ever need is given free by your neighbor, or someone else totally stranger, For example..
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    How do they survive though ?
    Is there government provided welfare in Israel ? Do they receive a special payment for studying religious books full time ?
    Edit: Just found these articles... 

    Costly paying for 70,000 plus of these chaps to sit around reading religious books all day. :eek:
    Does it not piss you off that you as an Israeli taxpayer are made fund these religious extremists ?
  12. No that doesn't piss me off. i even support them as most of the people Israel does. But only the ones that are full time studies, the rest will join the IDF in many different parts for even a year or two, even in combat.. Thats enough.

    Ill give you a little tip for life, everything has its place in the world. Every little part, even the middle ones. all together completes something big.

    The torah is a big part of israel, and these people too.
    Thanks for the tip Dima. I have one for you my friend.
    The Palestinian people are a big part of Palestine. :)
  14. This is what they mean what they say the US and Israel have "shared values". Religious extremists run my country too ;)
  15. The military women are really that sexy in Israel. Made me want to join, almost. I fucked an Israeli soldier with part of her uniform on, she sounded like a puppy, lol. Man I'm high.
    Yup, not converting, I can't afford to lose anymore.
  17. The while world is jacked :(

    Too bad the man won't just let everyone live in peace

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  18. Lol! I am circumcised and my penis works just find, but this made me LMFAO! 

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