Can anyone ID?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dabs710, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. I see a lot of these "brown things" on a lot of outdoor / greenhouse buds, have no clue what they are. They're small, brown things I find on occasion that are very dry and crumbly and are found here and there in batches of bud.
    Anyone recognize these?

  2. It looks like some form of bud rot could be wrong though good luck with it
  3. yea, looks like dried up rot. Wouldn't smoke it
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  4. Hahahahahahaha holy fuck I was so correct when I told my buddy the weed isn't cured all the way lol.

    You know what's weird? It appears this shit is only on "leaves" but not the buds themselves? Or little to none that I saw?

    Did the grower under-cure dead leaves? I just find it weird that it was not like it was a portion of the bud that I saw.
  5. Maybe I'm dumb but it looks like the leaves yellowed and the trim job couldn't get them all snipped out.

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  6. That's what I thought.

    Very strange how DEAD these leaves were compared to these buds that are the terpiest crap in the world.

    I suppose I have to respect his lab test that shows no mold.
  7. Those buds probablly had a flush and the leaves were starving for N. Probably looked like this and they just didn't get all the leaves out during the trim.


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