Can anyone hlep me?

Discussion in 'General' started by X.P.O.T.X, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Right, My girlfriend broke up with me on new years day.

    Now we were going out for around 8 months but i REALLY loved her.

    Is there any way to get over a girl faster? because we are still friends and i really don't want to wreck that, I don't really want to date anyone else right now but every time i see her, talk to her I get... (I don't know what to call it) but my heart beats really fast and i cant stop thinking of what we did together.

    I really need someones help cause my friends aren't too good at helping because they are huge stoners and can hardly remember their names.

    Please help.
  2. man idk, time is the main thing thats going to make you feel better.

    getting laid will help, but only for the time being.

    You prob should stay away from her for a little while. i don't see how your going to get over it quick with her in the picture.

    idk, its diffrent for everybody. good luck.

  3. Welcome to life.

    We all have troubles, and we all must cope.

    Just try to relax and look at the positive things, it usually works.
  4. I have tried to me Look at the positive, I cant really see any positives right now.

    I know i just gotta deal with it but its really hard from my point of view, I'm just hoping everything turns out, I really cant see being with anyone else right now.
  5. Thats just how it feels right after a break up dude...just try to distance yourself in a friendly way for a while with her. and try to not hang around other couples. You'll start seeing the negatives of her after a while.
  6. The problem is (it may not make sense but) 80% of the negatives of hers are what i fell in love with.

    Its also hard because ALL of my mates have girls that they always are with.

    My situation really sucks...
  7. i understand man...

    all it takes is time. i mean do you think you two are meant to be together?
  8. The only solution for girl problems........are more girls!
  9. Well we didn't part on bad terms, There might be a chance of us getting back too.

    She said all she needed was space to sort all of her shit out, what i really don't like is that I know a lot of people like her (she's not bad looking, really sexy in fact) and i guess i'm just afraid ill never have her back.

    Truth is, I don't want her back until I have beat the shit out of this one guy (for many reasons) who is her friend, and if she don't want me back because I didnt like one of her friends then the way i see it, I must not mean much.

    ...That sounded sorta bad, excuse me, I have been drinking.

  10. Sounds like she is keeping you on standby incase something better does not come along.
  11. That's what I thought.

    But then again she is moving in with people she hates and her ex has become her brother-in-law, so i bet that's really uncomfortable. Plus she is having issues with her real dad (believe me he is a real cunt, if he wasn't her dad i would smack him out).

    But I'm leaving it up to her, if i wasn't good enough for her then too bad. I'm sure someone will appreciate me more.
  12. just look at it this way. if you had to choose to be with her now, but whatever happens you could never be with another girl, would you do it?

    if you had to pick either staying with her forever or breaking up with her and seeing what else is out there, what would you do?
  13. I'm not your average guy, I would take the first option in a heartbeat.

    Specially with her.
  14. You may wanna try cutting her off for a bit. She may then realize what she lost.
  15. sorry to be grim but nothing really works but time.

    good luck in your future en devours.
  16. Yeah I am sorta cutting her off.

    I'm just not sure if she will miss me at all because i know for a fact she has a lot of guys asking her out ever since we split. I mean like they started asking the day after we did and still are. I also know some of them are a lot better than me in the looks department too (hey i ain't the greatest out there) So I'm not sure if she will consider me again or just go for a good looking idiot.

    Time will tell.
  17. TALK TO HER!!!!!!!

    If shes not considerite of your feelings shes not worth the broken heart man!!!! find a girl who loves you for who you are. There might be pain now but if your strong enough to talk about it then youll be fine.

    Just talk to girls about how she dumped you and you love her so much. Trust me. The ladies will be on you like an axe commercial.
  18. time heals all things.

    when my last relationship ended, thats the only thing that helped.

    Its said, and i believe this, that it takes half as long as you were dating to get over her.
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    Damn it really sounds like you are being kept around as back up!

    Here is a good ICP for a fellow juggalo

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    Yeah, it does, but the time i spent with her there was nothing but love the whole time.

    And when we actually did the break up she was really upset and crying for near on 30 mins.

    And to Thecrezin:

    I would love to talk to her but she has school, work, etc, etc.
    As a friend I hardly get to see her or talk to her.

    EDIT: Hahahaha cheers Madmike420, I fully love that song.

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