can anyone help this newb?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mmmm dank, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. wussup every1 i just germinated 4 seeds and there in the dirt now, im using the method where u cover it with a plastic bag till it sprouts. im planning on growin under lights till its around 8" then movin it outside, i dug a hole about 2 1/2 feet each way, and am planning to fill it with miracle gro potting soil, then im gonna let it grow like that till summer break starts (i'm 18 finishing out my senior year) then im gonna force it into flowering using the garbage can method, off for 12 on for 12. so far is this all sounding okay? PLEASE HELP any ideas would benefit this grow, i know it would be easier to grow inside but i still live wit my mom and she mite freak out, laugh it up lol :cool: .

    by the way im in seattle any chance of this plant even surviving any help would be appreciated THANX!!!
  2. Don't grow in your mom's or anyone else's house.
  3. it's gonna take you a while to get to 8 inches man. you'll ahve to have it inside under lights for longer than you think...
  4. im only planin on growing it inside for 25 days no risk of being found but my spots only big enough for the plant to get about 8 inches then its goin back in the green belt i gotta good spot plenty of sun, its surronded by a dome of thorn bushes i dug out all of the roots and it just needs soil, all im worried about is the forcing of the flowering, and the climate that the plant will be growin, im not worried about the first 25 days just the whole outside part, thanx
  5. how long does it take? thanx for the help it really is appreciated
  6. hi mate dont use miracle grow soil. it is bad for mj do some searches and read up first.
    good luck and peace
  7. ...holy shit for real hey thanx alot i just figured, i really appreciate the help but do you guys think they can survive in seattle, and will the garbage method work?


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