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  1. Hi, very new to this! Could anyone help? Each picture is a different plant 20190609_105107.jpg 20190609_105201.jpg
  2. Its slightly early, but i see balls on #1 and i see potential balls on #2, keep them going post new photos in a couple days.
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  3. Aww that's disappointing to hear!
    Thank you though!
  4. Too early - give it a few days.
  5. I'm leaning toward male but yeah too soon
  6. Looks male tbh :( give it couple of days

  7. Here is an updated photo of each plant! 20190612_122934.jpg 20190612_123025.jpg
  8. Male.
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  9. Both?

  10. If this guy can't help you sex them up, nobody can
  11. They look like males to me. The first pic on first post is def a male.
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