Can anyone help me out?

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  1. That’s what I do mate but only 2 plants at a time cos it’s all running down a daisy chain to my bedroom socket lol.
    The rest other than 1 NFT res get hand watered so I get less nightmares about burning the house down in my sleep :)
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  2. No worries brother. It’s only fair lol
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  3. It’s a 15x15 flower room.
  4. Get a bunch of trays. How many lights. Id figure a tray that will fit my plants per light. How high is the ceiling.
  5. Yeah. That and perlite. Hand watered.
    I'd normally water until runoff maybe once every 3 days.
    The medium was always quite wet. Very large pots.
    ...though I largely admittedly did this under the advice of someone that I thought knew better than me, which at the time wouldn't have been hard...
    I got pretty good results.
  6. Coco is the shit.
  7. I mean, yeah...I feel like I got pretty good results.
    Though at one grow I did have a slight mould issue and eliminated about 1/4 of it while it was alive.
    Another I got hit by spider-mites.
    If I do it again, I'll be making sure to:
    Not take clones/plants from outdoors sources
    Have resources on hand for ladybugs/assassin bugs.
    Better drainage. Thought I had enough...the mould may have said otherwise.

    Not sure about this watering every day stuff...surely not to runoff...right?
    What further benefit would this get me, just bigger plants?
  8. Everyday its a fresh batch of used food and air.
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  9. I mix it fresh nightly, never any problems.
  10. Should i fix it.
  11. I get what you mean. My guy waters every3 days in coco as well. But you’re not reaping all the benefits of coco practicing that watering habit.
  12. Without a doubt. But under feed in coco still blows soil growth out of the water.
  13. Think how a flood and drain or Wilma system works mate. They both generally use pots filled with coco that get completely drenched upto 6 times per day.
    Over watering is a myth created by soil growers that don’t understand how oxygen works. It’s not the volume of water that causes problems, it’s a lack of oxygen.
    plants suffocate, not drown.
    If too much water could be an issue then dwc wouldn’t exist would it?
    In coco if you don’t water enough the nutes turn back into salts and build up in the pot.
    Fucks with the ph and essentially makes it possible to fry a mature plant with a seedling strength dose.
    The auto in my profile pic was in a 4inch rockwool (essentially the same as a solo cup of coco) fed 20L per hour all day every day. Never turned the pump off other than when changing the res out.
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  14. True. But why half ass it. Why not just run it to it’s full potential.
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  15. Cause i dont have the height for the tray and res.
  16. Only adds 7 or 8 inches for me mate. Just buy shorter, wider tubs.
    I use plastic drawer sets from Poundland :)
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  17. Gotcha

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