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  1. Ok so I’m tired of hand watering daily in coco. I absolutely NEED a solution. Which would be automated feeding. I really want to run lines to each pot and feed via pump. But may consider drip system. I was looking at the blumats but not really sure if that’s the route I want to go. I’m sure it’s simple. But I have no knowledge of this type of shit lol. NONE.

    So my question is..... can someone piece out a build list? Line size? Pump size? Halo rings? Drippers? Etc I’d love you forever lol.

    I do have 2 55 gallon drums to start. So I could use those as my res. I want to go flood and drain but until then this is what I’ll have to do.

    running between 3-5 gallon pots. Probably 5 if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Why are you watering daily? Is that a thing?
    when I was doing was like every 3-4 days at most.
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  3. If I go more than 2 days without water my coco is bone dry.

    you’re suppose to water everyday in coco. Not necessarily a must as I might skip a day. But I have to water twice as much when I do water.
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  4. Just water or feed every time?
  5. Feed. I never water without nutes. Low ppm depending on stage of growth.
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  6. Twice a day
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  7. I wish I had enough time in a day bro lol. Exactly why I want to go automated
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  8. Seems like you'd wanna have pretty good drainage
  9. Run you Coco grow in a hempy bucket. This makes a res at the bottom for the Coco to pull water up.

    I'm currently on my third Coco hempy bucket grow and water about once or twice a week.

    Also note, dig your finger into the Coco. It can be dry on the surface but damp an inch down.

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  10. I NEED self watering. By next run it’ll be a 9k watt flower room and I won’t have much room to move around in there to water. Seems GrowerMD has a nice system down I think I’ll steal. Thanks guys
  11. Buy some autopots mate. All the benefits of full hydro with none of the drawbacks.
  12. Like this? 44E8B41C-C168-433A-875C-4F88289E5E49.png
  13. Yup that’s the ones mate. Best grow system on the market by a country mile in my opinion. Never used em but done every other hydro method.
    The big bonus you get with them that trumps all other hydro methods is that the plants don’t actually feed from the reservoir so they don’t effect it.
    With dwc, NFT, Wilma, ebb and flo etc you need to constantly tinker with the res because the plants unbalance it.
    Autopots though the res feeds the little drip tray under the pot the perfect amount then the plants feed from the tray.

    go hit google for “@rambogarden” he’s on another forum but by far the best indoors grower I’ve met yet. He drops 600-800g autos all day long using the 15L autopots.
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  14. I looked at these before. But got turned off because I seen problems with roots clogging shit. Restricted the floaters that initiated watering etc. but I was just looking up one system that has a titan controller with 2 pumps. 1 to fill and 1 to suck. I’ll post a link when I find it again lol. But I think this type system will fit my set up perfectly.
  15. LOL, you sure it was coco??
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  16. Yeah I’d go for the actual “autopot” branded ones mate. I’ve heard a few complaints from the copies but the originals are solid. there’s no pumps in those ones. All just powered by gravity :)
  17. You should try Deep water culture. 300% less water used, and you never have to worry about overwatering or underwattering. Just make sure the PH and PPMs are good and the plants will grow like crazy. Those autopots do look pretty cool, I just dont like coco or soil, I dont have to worry about bugs as much.

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  18. @Spanish@rcher you may have just saved my ass :jump:
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  19. Get a tray that will fit your space and light setup. Put a res under it and pump to drip line or irrigators till it runs off. Set a timer for how many cycles a day.
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  20. And a few quid. Send me an oz once it’s done haha :)
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