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Can anyone explain to me what a nebulizer is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KobeBryant, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. nebulizer

    Someone just explain to me what that is and what it's used for. Thaaank you

  2. its a thing thats used to break up oils and disperse them into the room

    that link u had pretty much says it all
  3. LOL, those things look like penises.

    I used one a long ass time ago when I had asthma I think. I was like 10. But it was a big machine that I breathed from for like 30 minutes.
  4. In general, a nebulizer is something that turns liquid into vapor for the purposes of inhaling it. The ones in your link are for nebulizing "essential oils" which are usually plant or herb extracts. How this relates to weed I'm not exactly sure. I guess you could use it to inhale some sort of pot extract but I'm not sure how much of the good stuff you'd get out of it without heating it, and if you're going to heat it to release the good stuff then you're vaping and the nebulizer doesn't really come into play.
  5. I mean, I read that and I understood the whole essential oils deal. But I was just really really having a hard time connecting it to weed.

    Sort of unrelated but if any DBV owner catches this, aren't DBV's supposed to come with a mouthpiece? I just got the wand and hose.
  6. has nothing to do with weed, its for people that have asthma like myself. you pour some liquid into like a little mini bottle and it slowly vapes the liquid which u inhale and it supposedly helps but i dont think it does. doesnt seem to be workin for me. and in the long run the inhalers are bad for you.
  7. I have a Vick's Vaporizer, so I imagine it's a similar idea. I have a VV and DBV. lol

    I used to plug it in to stink up my room with the vicks to cover smoke back when I was paranoid.
  8. hash/honey oil fool
  9. ya, as skull posted im assuming you could put pot oil into it

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