can anyone confirm sex/flowering post

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ThePot, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Started flowering 5-6 days ago, I know its a little early to tell sex but I realllly wanna know (come've all been there) :p

    here are some pics..they do look like females to me....:knocks on wood:

    I'll probably just keep this as my flowering thread as they continue on their way

    hopefully the pics work, they're in my gallery regardless
  2. Just look for white hairs coming out between the main stalk and the branches. It's not to hard. If that doesn't happen in 1-2 weeks it's probably male and will have balls/bananas as most people will say.
  3. wait another day or two, check aroud 3rd-5th nodes. how many u have in the grow. usually the taller ones are male and the shorter more branchy tend to be female. the males usually show first within a week and females shortly after.
  4. I only have 2 plants growin. Strangely enough theyre exactly the same height, although one is a lil more bushier and chaotic than the other. Strange just cause they're both just random bagseed. Ill keep a close eye though
  5. yo mang the first shot of your last post definetly looks like a female. You can tell that a hairy pistil developed!.
  6. So one of my plants is officially a female :):D:hello:

    as for the other one, its lagging behind....I have 4 42w soft whites and 2 26w daylights, one with the other 4 one at soil level. Will replacing the 26w with another 42w make any noticeable difference? ill probably do it anyway..

    check back for updates and hope for another girl!
  7. 2nd plant finally showing pistils/sign of female cant believe theyre both girls.

    hopefully some good pics to come!

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