can anybody tell me what this is?..

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  1. I'm 5 weeks into flowering and on my purple diesel I found this with all deficiency


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  2. kinda looks like a mag. def. but i lost my glasses today, and i can't see worth a shit, lol!!!
  3. Lol.. yeah i will look in to that rush...
  4. Thx not rush LOL
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    The nute's that you use for flowering have less, or no nitrogen so you should expect the leafs to slowly turn yellow and look a little less healthy. The plant is coming to the end of its life. By the end of flowering, and after flushing for 10-14 days, the leafs should be almost all yellow, if its properly flushed and feed water only.
    If it is a deficiency that needs correcting then it probably is magnesium deficieancy. If you use RO water then you need calmag for sure.

    I see a lot of crystals on that first pic. If your big water leafs have crystals then you must be doing something right.
  6. that's definitely a bro thank you
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