Can a Rasta be white?

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  1. I'm not too familiar Rasta religion, So I don't know too much about it.

    But, I was wondering if a Rasta could be white?
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    Rastafarians faith transcends any discriminatory passages.

    So, in short, of course!
  3. Rastas are some down ass peeps to chill with.
    Not necessarily discriminative, yea you can be white.
    I would love to check out Rastafari but Im not the religious type, and its sort of a religion.

    Theres this place(I live in new orleans) in new orleans called the dragons den. On wendsdays its rasta night, and 75% of the people in there have dreads past their soldiers, talking with a distinct Jamaican accent. Most of them ARE straight Jamaican. First time I went I was trippin balls because we were just chillin at a table in the back "chill" area which is surrounded by a big wall with vines and greenery alllll around you.
    Rolled up some j's, packed some bowls, and chit chatted with the rastas. Rly cool people.
  4. [ame=""]Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: Ras Trent@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  5. you can be anything you wanna be. but everyones gonna know your a poser lol
  6. ***** you high:smoking:
  7. There was a lengthy article in an old CC mag talking about rastafarians and such, and it said that white people CANT be real rastas, and they REALLY dislike white women.

    It didnt say they disliked white women trying to be rastas, just white women in general.

    If theres debate about this, I can go get the article, but dunno how id put it on here without finding it online.
  8. i may be wrong because i dont know much about the religion but isnt rastafarianism based on the idea that black people are the chosen people, or god's people, and africa is the chosen land or whatever, or at least where mankind originated (which is actually correct), that would seem to be a conflict of interests for white rasta's, wouldnt stop them from being one i guess
  9. As far as I know Rastafarians prescribe to the point of view that we are all one, all the same entity. In that respect you are a Rastafarian from their point of view. You are also a Hindu, a Taoist, a Sikhist (from that point of view). :)
  10. (Sorry to resurrect this thread, but another thread linked to this one, and i feel i need to answer)

    "Not every dread is Rasta, and not every Rasta is dread. Its the love inna ya heart that mek ya Rastamon" <3

    Bob Marley (half white/half black), answers your question OP @ the 4:00 min mark:
    [ame=]Bob Marley 1979 Interview[/ame]

  11. The opinion seems to be somewhat split, but I think as we become more united(which I'm quite sure Rasta's see as a goal) it could not be an issue. Some people will say, as someone above me in this thread did, that you are being a poser. I find that to be a highly ignorant statement. How can a religion only be for one race? Is it not really the truth, but only the truth for black people? If you believe it to be the truth, is that to say that the truth only applies to blacks? Or is a white person who believes it to be the truth simply supposed to hide it?
  12. And I enjoyed that 60 minutes Bob Marley clip!
  13. I love how Bob kept on asking what the man meant when he said rich and talked about money, and his answer was beautiful. I laughed hard at "the ganja smoking marley,ripped out of his head most of the day". sweet line. he was such a beautiful person, his energy just emanates from him.

    The poverty of jamaica is somehting ive heard of but never seen, and it was upsetting to see those kids and the conditions they live in. + rep "rastafari" that was a solid post

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