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Can A Pre-Paid Cell Be Tapped?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. So I was cruisin around with friends, and somehow we ended up talking about phones being tapped. One of 'em mentioned if a cop ever tried to tap any of our phones, we'd be screwed. Than He looked at me and said, "well except for you, yours is pre-paid, they can't tap those"

    Now my question is, does anyone know if that's true? It seems like if the government wanted to tap a phone, it being pre-paid wouldn't stop them, especially with all the money at thier disposal?
  2. Well, pre-paid phones usually dont require a name(or at least a legit name) to be signed up for. Also, you have no contract so you can get a new number whenever you want. So really, its not worth the govts time to tap your pay as you go phone because if you got a new phone then they would have to get a warrant for a roving wire tap that follows you on every phone you use/have/ever get. So if they wanted to then they could, but prolly not.
  3. If I remember correctly, no they can not. Since they are prepaid, they aren't registered with a phone company or registered in any sort of database... so the cops would not know you even had it.

    They can probably still pull your calls out of the air with their high tech gadgetry, but I don't think they can put a hard tap on pre paid phones... I think.
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    Theres a guy i know who sells various drugs. Now he told us his phone had been tapped because the police were onto him, it was a prepaid phone too. Thats what i was told.
    And yh you can register a prepaid phone because you get three credit if you do.
    I think over here they are on about cutting off anyones sim card which has not been registered because of the crimes used through them. But agin this may be rumours.
  5. If they've tapped someone who you call or receive a call from, they can do a reverse trace on the number. They may not know who you are because you don't really register a prepaid phone, but they can still listen or trace numbers you call or receive.

    Gotta love The Wire.
  6. nah man, go to wal-mart or target, or even cvs. You can buy pay as you go phones. they come with everything you need. then you just buy cards to put on them. You may have to go to the cingular or whatever comp. store tog et a #, but they take no personal info. No tappin for pre paid muh man
  7. Perhaps they could triangulate on your position.... :rolleyes:
  8. how will they know its you if no personal info is related to the phone. and i know for a fact that if a "planned" phone is on and has signal, you can be pinpointed within 100 ft.

    I dont know if they can pinpoint a pre paid phone, but again, they wont know its yours since no personal info is related.

    My senior year of high school, some kid called in a bomb threat on his phone, they knew he was on the school bus.
  9. Prepaid Nokia phones can be tapped so that the government can listen in on conversations you have near you phone, and even when its off. The only way to turn it off is to take out the battery.
  10. Policeman in disguise: Hi is this paddy mcmurtry

    paddy mcmurtry: Yes this is I.

    Policeman in disguise: can you meet me at the dark alley way near burgerking with an ounce.

    paddy mcmurtry: sure.

    Not in that exact context but you get the drift.
  11. Lol now that just sounds silly:rolleyes:
  12. Its the alarm feature, you can turn your phone off, and then it'll turn on automatically at a given time, because its not completely off. They can be set to listen to things through the microphone you talk into, even if you don't have a call going. I doubt they'd use that if you weren't plotting against the government or running a massive drug ring though.
  13. They somehow pulled their calls from the cell phone towers on the show 'The Wire' but I wouldn't be too concerned about it unless you are some kind of huge kingpin.
  14. it's prepaid no name no nothing only thing they can do is listen.
    You can toss it and the warrant is wasted.
  15. +1...

    Do you realize how many people smoke pot? Unless you were dealing out huge amounts, I wouldn't be too concerned.
  16. Ok, this is all from the show the wire, but I think they stay true to real life laws. Theyd have to run a wire tap on the number, which would mean they would have had to bust someone you sell to, and they give up your number. Then they would have to prove that its your phone, so theyd have to get pictures of you using that phone, and have the phone in court to prove that its that exact phone. But all of that would have to be done under an illeagal wire tap, which they couldnt do and would have a hard to using it as evidence in the court.

    I love that show. But seriously if you get brought to court on some shit like that just have a lawyer that knows what hes doing
  17. First off the 'cops' wouldnt be something to worry about like this, Id be someone higher up like the DEA or the sorts.

    Second, Why would you be so screwed if the DEA or something of the sorts tapped your phone? Because your smoking some weed? C'mon buddy. Even if you pushin cuties it aient no big deal. Thats aient shit, Pushin cuties is like pushin dimes. And 'cops' only go after *****s pushin dimes because they make it so obvious posted on the corner.

    And third, If your that paranoid or that high up in the game. Get a new pre-paid every other week. No worrys.

    (I used pre-paid.)

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