Can a plant stop flowering once it has started?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know if a plant can stop flowering once it has started?

    Reason I ask is a brought a female plant inside from outdoors that was struggling. She is about 15" tall and had started to flower for about 2 weeks at most. Just had little hairs showing all over.

    I brought her in and put her under 22h of light 7 days a week from being outside in about 13h of light. After just over a week I now have her on 24/7.

    She is still flowering like crazy and producing resin. Her leaves are becoming really really white with it.

    I want her to go back to veg so I can grow her all winter as a mum to clone off.

    So, anyone know if she will stop flowering, or if she is just going to finish? And if she does finish can I still clone off her even if a harvest a few buds?
  2. I aint no great expert but from what I read it seems that she should revert back to vege but it can take a while like up to a month.

    Yeah you can still clone off a flowering plant I think it will root faster but it will take like a month before it reverts back to vege.
  3. You have too much light. Budding girls like approx 12 hrs of total darkness each day. The 22hr of light each day will only make it vegitate
  4. But if I were you I would continue to flower the plant. Just clone a few off the bottom of the plant,the branches with the least amount of buds.That way you get a harvest and can continue the strain, making a strong clone into your mother plant. Voila,problem solved.
  5. wot strain is it? some strains will flower on a lot more light than wot they shud. early girl 4eg.

    im guessing that ur plant will go back to veg real soon on that kinda light, u shud start seeing single bladed leaves from the top of ur plant soon. id b tempted to take the buds off it now, if u dont want to take clones till next year then shes got plenty of time to grow big and cutting the buds off now wud just b like topping and give u more topps to clone from. also removing the buds shud encoruge the plant under long light to return to veg quicker. and give u a little taste of wot the smokes gonna b like when u do a full grow.
  6. Here is a pic of her, she is white widow
    Nice pic of my Widow plant , in the pic section.

  7. a link to the pic wud b helpfull so ppl dont have to spend 4eva lookin 4 it. or atleast the name of the thread..
  8. sorry i thought that was a link, guess i didn't make it correctly.

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