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Can a cop arrest me for saying i smoke weed ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bannanamannn, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. They pulled me over and asked how much weed i have in the car (i was clean) and if i smoked. I said i was clean and that i dont smoke (even tho i do). If some idiot said yes to that question, but they didn't have absolutely anything on them, could they get arrested legally? Thanks. Just asking out of curiousity.

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  2. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
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  3. Yes:jump:
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  4. Could get you a few laughs or give them probable cause to search your vehicle.
    If they find something, yeap you're screwed, if not oh well.
    Also I'm not a lawyer, but I just wouldnt do it. If it was legalized or not, I would still lie.
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  5. Fuckin pigs.nuff said
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  6. I agree with the above comment even though they can't arrest you for saying you smoke it definitely gives them reason to try to dig deeper i e search your car or you but at the same time if you have nothing on you and nothing in the car telling them you smoke marijuana really isn't anything that they can do anything about

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  7. Saying you smoke isnt illegal, it's actually having any in possession. A person with a clean car can tell the cops they smoke all day long and be fine. They just need to make sure the car is super clean, cigarillos and rolling papers are considered paraphanalia in some states.
  8. Lmao you can tell police you smoke they can't do shit but you have more chance of being stopped again in the future because you told them:confused_2: why would you tell a pig you smoke anyway:laughing:
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  9. They can't arrest you for saying that you smoke. It does give them probable cause.

    This doesn't work in legal states though. Cops would need a search warrant to go through your car even if you told them you smoke weed. Unless you submitted to a search. And you would be giving up your rights if you did so.
  10. An obvious lie is worse than a "bad" truth. If you stink or have papers in sight. No sense in saying no. Got to be able to play the situation by ear and hope for the best.

  11. I've been stopped by police before when I was high as shit I had red eye and smelt of weed they just searched me and didn't find anything, I told them I had been smoking and they let me on my way:confused_2:
  12. People of the UK are best keeping it on the down-low :GettingStoned: FuckDaPigs!
    I don't think the pigs can arrest you for saying u smoke but it may give them reason to dig deeper
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  13. That's what I'm saying. If it's obvious you smoke, you might piss them off with a lie saying you don't.
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  14. Guys, in California, younger peace officers, especially in SF Bay Area, are likely to pat you on the back and tell you some good "perp" stories, rather than look for a way to give you a bad time. It's all in how your attitude shows. Up in Humboldt County, the local gendarme is likely to be your neighbor or going out with your sister.

    These are different times, in California, at least, from the 50's when a couple of seeds in your car could get you locked up for the mandatory 72 hours, if not an actual weed bust, and maybe even lose your car.
  15. Yes, a cop can arrest you. Hell, a cop can arrest you for anything; but getting arrested and getting convicted are two totally separate things.
    The cop asked you if you smoked, was he/she referring to smoking that day and being under the influence or did they mean smoking in general even when you're not driving.
    If they were wearing a body camera and you admit to smoking earlier and then driving then that's a DWI charge for you which you've just admitted to.
    Everything eventually comes down to who has the stronger lawyer in court anyway you or the DA.

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  16. Tell them you wont answer any questions other than Name, Rank, Serial #, Registration, and Drivers License. Its none of their business about your personal life. If they suspected intoxication, and made you do the monkey tests, you will have to comply.

    But admitting to smoking weed in any way, shape, form, is like testifying, against yourself.

    Tell them any further questioning, and you will require a lawyer.
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  17. Admitting to a crime is a bad idea. No you can't be arrested for saying you smoke weed. It's illegal to possess weed not to say you smoke it.
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  18. In most states it's perfectly legal to refuse a field sobriety test and is extremely advisable to do so even if you're sober. Breathalyzer is another story.

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