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BUG Can’t post pictures or add them as an attachment??!

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by Robbie714, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Hey @Lizard King hey man how you doing. I can post no pictures or attachments? I only use my cell phone and never had a problem for the two years I’ve been using it. When I’m on my journal and want to add an attachment from my photo library. A white box pops up saying “Photo Sharing” and says the Community has disabled photo sharing though tapatalk etc. it comes up on my phone and I’m using the app from an iPhone this is what it looks like if there a post to my journal when I select the size of the picture and if I tap that box it brings me to login and I have to put in my password in??? IMG_0535.JPG I don’t think it will post this picture but this is what comes up!

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  2. I’ve been trying to post pictures for about an hour and a half and that picture went through but it still not working on my journal Thanks

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  3. I'll investigate this further to see what is causing this issue. Just in case if i can't identify the issue , please keep a note that Tapatalk is kind of slow on their responds so this may take couple days to hear from them.
  4. That’s fine! Like I said I could post pictures now. What is the Tapatalk mean? Like what’s the difference if it’s on or off because I could shut it off on my phone at the bottom. But I do see a lot of people using it and I know they have an app for it! Thanks man!

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  5. The issue is caused by Apple - Tapatalk both together. Tapatalk made a change after receiving a warning from Apple and didn't notify us. We are working on fully resolving the issue. Expect a fix this week.
  6. Hey @Lizard King That don’t surprise me that it was apples fault! I see a difference already! Thanks for the Help

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