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Can’t get bud no matter what

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ganjaboy9000, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Ok guys so let me start off by saying I’m someone who just moved from Colorado to Oklahoma I started smoking when cannabis was legalized in co but once I moved over here I had to find myself a weed man. It took me a few months to find one but I eventually did the guy was pretty cool and for the first few months everything was fine but about after like three months he began to run out pretty often and it got to the point we’re he’d be out for weeks, so I figured I had to somebody else to sell me the greens after a few days I eventually found 2 More I only bought from one of them like three times but still kept in contact with my old one just in case and I did buy from him in at least once or twice in between, when I ran out I msgd the first plug but he was out again so I asked the second one and I ended up buying the last of his product. It took me about a week to finish it but luckily on the day before I ran out my first plug msgd me and said he restocked but I was broke at the time but the next day was Payday so I asked him if it was cool if I stopped by tomorrow and he said yeah. So it’s pay day I get out of work and msg him oddly enough he tells me he’s out again so I msg the second plug and he tells me he’s out but he’ll let me know when he gets some so I msg the third plug and he tells me that he’s in stock note (I had never bought from him before) but once we met up everything seemed legit eve n the greens did once I get home I smoke and I start to notice that no matter how much I smoked it wouldn’t get me high tbh I was pist I had just been screwed. I still had some spare cash so I was like fuck I’m just gonna get some from the other two. This is were thing start to get a little weird I msg the first guy and he’s still out so I msg the second guy and he just goes cold turkey so it’s been about a week and a half now and the second guy never replies I have sent him at least 3 msgs on separate day and still nothing and every time I ask the first one he always says he’s out it's starting to get to the point we’re i just think he’s holding out on me I don’t know why never really did anything for them to be acting like this, so in the last two days I asked my friend if he knew anybody and he did give me the info of one guy and I msgd him if he could sell me any bud it’s takes him until the end of the day to reply and bye this point it’s late and I ask him if we could do it tomorrow he’s says yeah that’s fine so it’s the next day after workI msg him and for some reason he just never replied. I posted this here for any advice or similar experiences I just find it odd that nobody wants to sell for some reason.
  2. That's a long paragraph
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  3. Your post is impossible for me to read because there's no spaces lol

    If you can't buy any weed grow your own:confused_2:
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  4. That sucks. I hate when connects get flaky like that. Though, it’s possible that they’re being watched and they need to lay low. That’s how it is in a prohibition state. Connects aren’t always reliable. :confused_2:
  5. I, actually, read all that and understood almost all of it.
    Let’s think about this;
    Sellers like to sell.
    Sellers A, B, C, and D don’t wish to sell to you.
    What do the four of them have in common?
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  6. Lol my bad
  7. Fr at this point I’m just gonna try and get a med card
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  8. Hmm nothing really but I’m starting to suspecting they know each other
  9. I think they’re saying that you are the common denominator.
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  10. When you send a message first, do you generally wait a certain amount of time before sending another one?
    See...just in my experience?
    Dealers...can be an irritable lot. Sometimes they're assholes that power trip...sometimes they're just busy.
    They can have a lot of people to deal with usually.
    I had a friend that sold for a bit...I remember any time he'd get a text then another then another from the same person, usually after he'd said he was waiting on info or a restock in the first place, he'd get the shits.
    So don't over-message.

    They can also sadly, be a lazy bunch too...not all of them, some are very business minded...but some are lazy as fuck, wake and bake, are disorganised and don't really function very well...these ones I's just constant irritation, and often leads to similar string alongs. Don't deal with people that use so heavily, that their main priority is getting themselves high.

    I'd just drop exactly the same messages to all three of them - then wait.
    If it's that they know each other, or one might know you've contacted the others...that's not the problem - if they *want* the business, they'll make it a point to get back to you.
    Ask THEM what's good for them, and wait to hear back - work around that.

    To be honest though, any dealer/supplier that's worth shit will have some idea of supply and demand and should simply just...not run out...yes, there's always dry spots here and there, but my current supplier has not gone more than a few days off in six years. People that don't stay ahead of their business and/or smoke all their stash...will forever fail to get everything for everyone.
    Another reason to not really deal with huge stoners...I'm not saying all...but most are not really the best example of how to "run a small business"

    As for those people saying you're the might be.
    You've told us one side.
    Are you on time for meets?
    Do you only call or message when asked?
    Do you send incessant messages?
    Have you ever turned up anywhere unannounced?
    Do you ask a lot of questions?
    Do you ask for credit?
    Do you owe money?
    Most of you pull the "the customer is always right, I'm paying you so blah blah blah", or suggest that you're going to go elsewhere...entitled bit?
    I'm not implying this is you....but these are some things that I think could get you easily blacklisted.

    It's reasonable to expect a level of service though.
    You have money. They have weed. Organise meet. Exchange. It's not complicated.
    If this isn't about be honest it seems like you're dealing with fuckarounds.
    Are they fairly young guys?
    The worst.
    Like I've said before in here, deal with adults, they have their shit together a lot more.
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  11. I’ve never been late, never asked for anything without paying full price, I never bomb them with text, shit I’ve even gave them a little extra at this point I’m just tired deeling with these fuckers
  12. I know what bothers them and I know I didn’t do anything . Thank god that there legalizing it in most places
  13. How old are you dude? Your age might have something to do with it.. I know most of my plugs won't just sell to anyone lol
  14. I’m 27 and tbh I’m just gonna wait until I get a med card so I don’t have to deal with these issues no mo
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  15. #15 BrewsnWeed666, Jun 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
    Idk why the dealers could be giving you a hard time then.. you should hit up some head shops & ask people in there discreetly they might be able to hook you up
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  16. Yeah that seems like a good idea
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  17. I never ran out of stuff to sell. are these guys small dealers like sellin 8ths n dime bags or are they sellin ounces. I never sold anything less than a ounce because hookin up with someone for 30-40 bucks isn’t worth bein pulled away from your personal life. Sounds to me like ya got a plan but if it fall through either climb the ladder of ppl sellin in your area or grow your own.
  18. Your right I tried to get an ounce once and they couldn’t deliver
  19. They the ones buyin qps and sellin half of it just to b able to smoke themselves. Their bums and the laziest type of dealers there are in my opinion. Find someone that doin it to pay their bills or fill their bank account they’ll have supply enough to keep ur head above water.
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  20. lol fr tho you nailed it on the head
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