Campus P.d.

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  1. Hey there GC I was wondering if you or any of your friends or anyone you know have ever been on an episode of campus p.d., I found out if I had not selected the college I am currently attending that the school I wouldve gone to in the first place the tv show would be filming there. :eek:
    Let me know blades and bladettes  :laughing:

  2. Yeah I was on it once, got busted sucking this guys dick in a parking lot. 
    It was so embarrassing for my whole family, but great business PR for me. 
    That was you!? :eek:
  5. Lmao, a lego hand job would be the best?
  6. never heard of it. 
    You can be assured she won't lego until the job is finished.
  8. :laughing:  Nice one!
  9. Zing!
  10. Not campus pd but i know a chick that was on that show "over the limit". Pretty embarassing affair, but i hate that girl after she got us in a car accident.
  11. My uncle was on COPS lol.
  12. Haha I want more details from both Kevin and MedicOne.
  14. Lol he got pulled over in phoenix for running a red light, the cop got to the window and he saw the camera and just decided to book it down the street, jumped a fence and got tackled by a lady cop. We still have it on tape haha.

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