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  1. Where is your favorite spot to go camping? Mine is Beavers Bend in Oklahoma. Also share your favorite memory of that spot. The first time we went there my brother brought along his friend. Now, his friend is a ginger haired pale man who doesn't tan at all. Anyways, he got really drunk and passed out in a chair, and when he woke up the next day his feet were sunburnt PURPLE!!
  2. Yosemite fo shoo
    Too many memories
  3. [quote name='"YosemiteToker"']Yosemite fo shoo
    Too many memories[/quote]

    Come on, post atleast one! Your name suggests awesome stories!
  4. Maybe when I'm on a computer, I'm on my phone hah
  5. I haven't really had worthwhile memories at the spot I normally go, but once during the winter time me and 2 buddies decided to go camping, but didn't feel like making the drive so we grabbed a tent and 3 thin ass blankets and walked up into the woods and found a flat area. We had to go gather firewood all day because we knew it was gonna be cold that night. Around the time we were going to go to bed it was around 30 degrees. We all crammed into the 2 person tent and laid on the cold hard ground for at least 6 hours without sleeping. Finally at around 5 in the morning we couldn't take it anymore so we got up and walked home.
  6. Mt Hood, Oregon.

    Getting hot in the valley? Head up to the mountain, get a nice spot by the river. So relaxing. :smoking:
  7. Pisgah National Park has some great hikes. Its on the border of NC.
    I have been there several occasions and cannot wait to go back.
  8. When my husband and I go camping we usually only have a night or two, so we tend to stay local. I like burlingame campground in Charlestown, RI. Nice and close to the beach and an excellent 8.5 mile hiking trail!
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    Anywhere on the Niagara Escarpment, Georgian Bay, and the wider Great Lakes is my usual.

    My favourite locations have to be on the BC coastline, though. With a well-stocked Kayak, you can travel far and wide.
  10. Anywhere on the great lakes is money, the more secluded the better.
  11. Beartooth Mountains in Montana (near Red Lodge). Me and some buddies go every summer. Best memory is when we hiked over Sundance Pass, elevation around 11,000'. Thought my damn heart was gonna explode outta my chest on that climb.
  12. Northshore! One of the most beautiful areas in the country fo sho

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