Camping Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by weed420, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. so some of you maybe wondering why i didnt post at all this weekennd sorry i was camping the whole was a great time we had a camper went with my bro dad and dads friend friday night we got stuck in the camper becuase it was raining so we sat inside smoked and drank beers heres where the big thing happens my dad cant smoke anymore because he gets random drug tests but freiday night we got him and his friend to take 2 hits with me and my brother it was so awesomethey got ripped off 2 hits we werwe all ripped ahhhn i love camping:hello:
  2. Ah, that sound's pretty fucking fun. You'll got rained out so you had to bond and smoke in the car. Wish I could do shit like that.
  3. Haha, camping is the shit, i went last summer with my buddy, we drove up to a campground and got all bombed and met some chicks and went back to tehre camp site and got fuckin ripped with em, then 2 of em came back to our site and the night went on :D..

    Sounds like you had a good time dude.
  4. Aw fuck yeah! I love camping out! Me and my friends did in 13 degree weather last December, it was awesome! The 151 and moosehead kept us warm! :D
  5. hahaha niiice.... camping can be fun, depends on wat to do around ya... what state were u in
  6. we camped in illinois where i live:p

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