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  1. okay guys so i finnally thought about making a journal since im on here err day. So i recently accuired some bagseeds...two to be exact. I ve always wanted to grow , but i dont have permission and im 18. so i f i get caught its over. SO i made stealth box.

    cardboard box
    power strip
    2x 13 watt mini cfl
    17 w single bulb T5
    saftey blanket
    house fan

    2 bag seeds
    Scott's potting soil/ with perlite and 4 months of nutes
    white pot
    dvd cases.

    okay my plabs are to veg out in this box and induce flowering then let it finish outside....i dont care about yeild this is just for fun...a simple experirment. I germed on seed and planted it two days later it sporuted.


    i had to perfrom surgery and peel off the hanging seed on it.....then the next day it sporuted and the colytodens are almost fuly opened.

    i plan on adding 2 y splitters and 4 26 watt cfls to bnring up my light wattage in the box.

    Good Vibes only guys


  2. Day 3 Scince Germination.
    okay this is day 3 the firsty round leaves havent opened fully yet....but i can see the other two little leaves forming.
    the lights are on 24/0 right now but they will be one from 3pm-7am next week making it a 16/8 light setup.

  3. she's opening fully almost...and the 2 real leaves are forming very fast...still day3

    tommorow is day 4 and will be the first day of the real light cycle....i know it grows well in the dark periods cause i shit down the box for a little.

    lights will be on from 3pm-7am
  4. Day 4 First day of light schedule.

    okay guys this plant likes to grow alot during the dark period. Light Schedule 3pm-7am

    the first true leaves are growing very fast and are almost fully opened...even though one of the colytodens isnt fully opened.

    im germinating 2 more seeds and i know i have ample space to veg 2 plants....when i get more money i will be getting 4 26 watt cfls and some y splitters stay tuned.

    plants is doing great havent decided a name yet
  5. Day 4 Continued.

    So i just walked 5 blocks to my local walmart and got a pack of lights. 3x26watt cfl bulbs, 5 socket adapters and a y splitter.

    i re setup up the box and made it more stealth.

    wattage now 109 watts and i will be growing 2 plants in here.

    3x 26 watt cfl
    1x 14 watt cfl
    1 single 17w T5
  6. Looks good man, don't want to see a nice daily update go to waste.

    So any problems with hiding that big ol' thang yet?
  7. well i have it way more hidden now... its basically a box ins inside of another wooden box i guess....i happy i got my wattage up...and you cant really tell anything is there so its all good.

    my plant is looking very healthy i suppose but this is my fisrt grow and idk much....the first leaf set is comming in excited
  8. so nobody likes me?
  9. Day 5

    ok so the box was running kinda hot so i took away the t5 and 13 watt cfl

    only running 3x26 watt cfls and one fan now.

    any ideas for cooling the lights? cause i planted another germed seed and i know i will need my full 109 watts of power for both plants.

    Things to be picked up:
    3x 26 watt cfl
    another power strip
    bigger box

    so a rebuild is on the way going for almost 200 watts

    so any ways my plant is doing great no problems...nice bright green about 2 inches tall.

    the first leaf set has developed and i can see new grow comming in the middle.

    how many leaves will be in the next set?
    when can i top/fim/lst
  10. hey man keep it up if i where u id make a new set up and light prof it 100 percent so u wont have any probs flowering.

    ps im the guy u gave pos seeds to
  11. if u want more response, use more pics! but so far nice setup. i like the stealthy although im wondering what ur gonna do about the height.
  12. lol,

    i re set it all up today. pics will be up tommorow around 3 when i cut the lighst back was getting hot in there so i ditched the t5 since it didnt supply that much light and was just extra risk
    im only running
    92 watts

    3x26 watt cfl
    1x 14 watt cfl.

    i have a fan in the box but all it does is circulate hot im getting another fan for exhaust and a thermometer tommorow.

    Pics will be here guys
  13. Day 6 since germination.

    ok guys big news i have an update with pics as promised. i fixed up my grow area a having heat issues so i point the fan towards an opening in the box and let it blow the hot air out until i can get another fan in ther for proper ventialtion.

    thet plant is great i have probably watered it about 4 times.......

    My mom comes back into town at 8pm so i gotta make sure everysthing is well hidden.....i might be moving the box to the garage so look out.

    I havent named the plant yet but she is so healthy....from what i can see.

    and i can see the new growth comming in very qucik the second leaf set is comming in as we rapid.




    some dank bud
  14. ok i checked the plant.....second leaf set is comming in strong.
    i know by morning they will be pointing out as they are peeking out now.

    lights on from 3pm-7am

    thats m schedule and im running 91 watts ATM

    the plant is growing very soon berfore i can top/fim/lst?
  15. Couple things:

    First off, good luck growing under your parent eyes! Thats some ballsy shit right there!

    I sure hope your folks dont know what weed smells like, because there are going to be some serious odors coming once flowering starts.

    Get those lights right up on the plant, like 1-2 inches.
  16. well im jamaican so they know how it smells.

    my dad doesnt care about it but my mom does.

    ok so earlier today i watered the plant and it was great...seems to be flourishing and the second set is comming in so fast.

    but i just took it out to check on it and both leaves are somewhat drying up...not severly but the were kinda curling....

    any ideas???

    and good news i bought 10 bag seeds today and started germination...all but one sank so far...this is for my summer outdoor grow i hope to plant all 10 and get at least 8 females
    picture update tommorow.

    i think it will be day 9?
  17. haha same light schedule as me! get home from school at 3 and wake up at 7 :hello:
  18. yup thats correct haha ^^^^

    so i figured the leaves were drying a little because of heat issues so i removed 1 26 watt bulb
    and turned the fan up higher.

    then i wet my thumbs and index fingers and lathered the leaves lol.

    second leaf set is in...update tonight guys
  19. haha given ur girl a nice massage with water:hello:

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