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Camouflaged Grow Room

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by SupremeToke, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. I am very serious about constructing my own grow room. The grow room will NOT be located on private property, but instead on public property. I know this already doesn't sound too good, but please help me out here.

    The neighborhood that I used to live in for 9 years is a very quiet, hilly residential area. There is also a college right next to the neighborhood, you can literally draw a border of what splits the college and neighborhood apart from each other. There is a pretty large area of deserted land with minimal view from neighbors, and this is where I think would be a prime location for a grow room.

    I'm currently doing full time construction, and I have a pretty general idea of how I would construct this room. I'm going to essentially create an underground room. My coverup for why I'm building on public property is that I'm building a bunch of bunkers and makeshift obstacles for air soft and paintball. This makes it so that if the building is only partially situated underground, it will still blend in with all the other stuff lying around.

    I haven't put together any official blueprints, as I don't have my computer for a little bit, so here's my little plan. I'm going to start off with digging a rectangular hole 8 1/2' deep. I'm going to then mix my own concrete and create a 18" deep x 1' concrete footer at the bottom of the hole. After the footer is completed, I will situate rebar in the correct sequences, fitting a wall made of cinder blocks that reaches a height of 7'. This results in 4 retaining walls which will be double coated with a sealer that prevents water from touching the cement blocks. After the retaining walls are up and stand corresponding each other with rebar aligning them, I will fill the complete mass of air inside the blocks with concrete. We're talking a lot of concrete here, which is no problem. I will simply (on top of the existing footer) create a floor with yet even more concrete so I'm not walking on just the footer itself for the walls. The ceiling is the challenging part, I was thinking of constructing wooden beams and support, then adding galvanized metal as a roof. An inch of dirt or so will sit on top of the roof to secure it underground. As of a point of entry, I will just dig the same size shaft and add a ladder, included with a door into the building and attach which connects to the surface of the ground.

    So basically, it's just a simple concrete room that is underground, or partially above ground to blend in with other obstacles for my air-soft/paintball battleground.

    It's feasible, the construction of the room, but I'm worried about electricity, water, proper venting, etc. all the variables that are a disadvantage because I'm not on my own property.

    The only way I would be able to power this whole operation is with a generator, or maybe even more than one generator. It would run 24/7, so I must invest in one that is good for constant use. I was thinking of constructing a small space just to put the generator in, which is sealed off from the plants. I would then add a vent that leads elsewhere from my grow room, which will transport the carbon monoxide that is generated from the motor. Of course, oxygen would also have to be present in this small space, so I would need an intake vent for that as well. I'm not sure if this idea with the generator is good though, it will be high maintenance and I will have to check on it every day, especially if its going to be used constantly, and to fill it with gas. Of course, if anything, I'm replacing the stock tank with something much larger.

    Talking about water, I may just add a small tank that will hold a large amount of water, and add a valve that leads into the room. Space is very important in this operation, and I must conserve it as much as I can.

    This may seem a little far fetched to all of you guys, but if this happens I will plan on using this room for a very long time. I'm not stealing electricity, water, or taking any other stupid shortcuts.

    Let me know what you guys think, let's see if I haven't heard it before.
  2. To sketch for me but good luck. Why not just dig you one in your yard?
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    A lot of work for a 8' x 7' bunker, better to save your dried stash in there and have a proper grow room, like everyone else, sorry for the diss!!!  ....but you don't want to loose all your hard work to a nosy guy, who heard the genny going or smelt something in the air 6 months from now, money spent here, would do you in good stead renting a small ghetto apt. in which you can grow, with water and power, that you visit 2-3 times per week, ...any questions???  ....Then you may add that you were visiting a family friend
  4. ummmm now one is going to notice you digging an 8 foot hole? LOL. I would assume your not going to do it by hand. Dont know where you live but cinstructing a  paintball field would never happen. But besides All that sounds like a hell of an idea and kudos to you of it goes down. Would be mad sketched about that.
  5. I hate to piss on your parade bro, but this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I would consider all the things that could go wrong and what the consequences would be, before you proceed with this. i would recommend waiting until you have a secure location to grow. Just looking out for you bro. Be safe!!!!
  6. Some of these ideas are brilliant haha

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