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Camouflage Outdoor grows

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by ny_chow, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. How do u camouflage outdoor grows? What plants are good to plant around, or what sort of man made things would do the job?

    i'll be growing in groups of 3-4 so its not like im tring to conceal a huge grow.
  2. camo netting? like err....the army uses? you know what im talkin bout right?

    just get some of that and nail it up to some wood, or something.

    lol hope that helps haha. meh
  3. ^^^ Yeh, i have heard of someone using netting before, but i wouldn't recommend it anything manmade is going to stick out more than natural growth.

    I heard somewhere else around this forum pine trees are good.
    Anykind of thick green brush will be good to grow in. look around the forum for pictures of plants if you aren't already familiar what they look like, then try and find some plants that look similiar in the spot you choose.

    Also you want to find plants to hide your babies in that don't die out quick, alot of plants will die out and get brown before your girls..

    Don't go just by my word though, wait and see what some of these experts have to say.
  4. If your growing in the woods or up against a tree line then prickler bushes and maybe "fallen tree branches" would help from identifying them. Maybe those shrubs that look like j would be good to grow around.
  5. I have a friend who uses camo buckets...
  6. Or you could just plant in the ground, you would get a larger plant with better yield and keep the plants more hidden.


  7. planting in the ground is the only way to go (if you dont have to worry about moving them a lot) if you want a big yield. Big plant=more bud
  8. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, be sure your plants are exposed to the southern sky, because that's where the sun arcs. Plant in the ground along a tree or shrub line. Be sure the tree line does not obstruct the view of the southern sky. You need at least 6 hours direct sun per day.;)

    Your American Friend,

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